Sales Solutions Architect/Engineer

Pendrick is a leading buyer and servicer of healthcare debt in the US market. The company provides a critical service in the late-stage revenue cycle for the US based healthcare provider segment. For more than a decade, the company has worked with Top Tier healthcare providers (e.g., health systems, hospitals, physician practices, specialty providers) to support and enable their customers (patients) to pay their healthcare bills, thereby keeping down the cost of healthcare for everyone. 

With a core belief of practicing a patient-first mindset, and with its unparalleled compliance program, Pendrick has, since it was founded in 2010, built a robust operating system and platform which is fundamental to the company’s success. It has one of the strongest, if not the strongest, balance sheets in the healthcare debt sector which means that it is always able to support its clients by buying or leasing, and then collecting on, their outstanding patient payment responsibility invoices. 

The business was further strengthened in 2019 when the company was acquired by a premium Private Equity company, who has deep domain experience in this market segment. With their support, the company has gone on to:

  • Make strategic investments in people, data analytics capability & product innovation.
  • Purchase Phoenix Financial Services, one of the leading collections agencies in the healthcare collections market.
  • Install an independent Board of Directors which bring decades of healthcare experience to the company from their time running large healthcare companies.
  • Set a vision to build a much larger, more diverse business, which not only continues to support healthcare providers with their outsourced collections activities but also wishes to support them with the automation, and individualization, of their early-stage invoicing activities and make healthcare more affordable to consumers by providing financing options.

The successful candidate will be joining at an exciting time as healthcare providers look to drive increasing efficiency after the challenges created by Covid and as the company looks to pursue its growth and diversification strategies through both organic and inorganic means. 

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Primary Responsibilities:

The Sales Engineer is a key part of the sales team for our technically complex service. S/he works closely with the sales team to outfit our clients with the technology and services to improve their operations, optimize customer satisfaction and increase profits. The Sales Engineer meets with the sales leader, sales team and customers to discuss how our products/services can fulfill the consumer’s needs.

The Sales team relies on the Sales Engineer to understand customer specifications and recommend the correct products/services. The Sales Engineer develops materials to explain different aspects of our products/services in laymen’s terms and describes the benefits of making a purchase, for both the consumer and the sales team.

Prepare and give technical presentations to explain to customers how the products and services work.

  • Work with the customers and Information Technology to ensure the equipment meets the system requirements.
  • Communicate with the sales team to understand consumer demands and offer sales support where necessary.
  • Secure orders, guarantee product standards and assure product delivery.
  • Establish customer rapport and acceptance.
  • Plan for modifications to services/products to meet consumer demands.
  • Help clients to solve problems with product usage.
  • Recommend new and improved products to the customers and explain how the equipment will be more cost-effective.
  • Work closely with our data science team to help build complex algorithms that provide unique insights into our data
  • Use agile software development processes to make iterative improvements to our back-end systems
  • Model front-end and back-end data sources to help draw a more comprehensive picture of user flows throughout the system and to enable powerful data analysis
  • Build data pipelines that clean, transform, and aggregate data from disparate sources
  • Develop models that can be used to make predictions and answer questions for the overall business

Personal Characteristics: 

  • Self-confidence to support persuasion and sales efforts
  • Communication skills, especially for explaining technical concepts to nontechnical business leaders
  • Ability to act as the eyes and ears of the companies' sales and marketing department through often daily contact with customers to better understand the unique needs of the customer
  • Understands the impact and importance of technology to the customers
  • Interacts effectively with different personality types.
  • Understands different steps in the sales process and can identify the next steps required to move the sale forward
  • Possesses attention to detail with excellent follow-through.
  • Able to work under pressure with multiple deadlines.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Must exhibit strong sense of urgency to solve problems, meeting challenges and achieving objectives


  • Bachelor’s degree in related area of study or equivalent experience; Advanced degree preferred.
  • 7 – 10 years’ progressive experience in either debt collections or the healthcare industry 
  • Three or more years of experience with ECW, EPIC, NextGen or similar system
  • Familiarity with the AWS ecosystem
  • Prior sales experience a plus 
  • Requires proficiency in understanding and applying applicable elements of Fair Debt Collection Practices (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for tasks performed