Communications and Marketing Intern
Chicago, IL Development & External Engagement
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Reports to:  Manager of Marketing 

About Chicago Scholars  

At Chicago Scholars we strive to prepare our Scholars for the world and the world for our Scholars.  Our dual focus on Scholars and the world are both essential to our strategy.  The first part of our work supports college acceptance, matriculation, persistence, and career access for our Scholars.  The second part allows Scholars to go beyond surviving to thriving, from achieving to excelling, from attending and working to belonging and exceeding.  The first part of our work allows entry, the second truly opens up opportunity and redistributes power.  To achieve these goals we center diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and racial justice so that we can launch and lift our Scholars and enable them to lead and leverage their power wherever they are on their journeys.

Chicago Scholars is transforming the leadership landscape of our city by resolving the fundamental barriers to success for academically driven, first generation college students from under-resourced communities. Through college counseling, mentoring, and by providing a supportive community to our Scholars through each phase of our program: College Access (Launch), College Persistence (Lift) and College to Careers (Lead), we ensure that they realize their full potential as students and leaders.

78% of Chicago Scholars graduate college within 6 years. Per the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research, only 49% of their peers earn a degree within 6 years. Upon graduation, our Scholars move into leadership positions across Chicago, helping to drive the economic future of their communities and our thriving city.

READI Commitment

At Chicago Scholars we strive to prepare our Scholars for the world and the world for our Scholars. Our dual focus on Scholars and the world are essential to our strategy. To achieve these goals, we center racial justice, equity, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion (READI) in all that we do.

Chicago Scholars’ commitment to READI encompasses all of our stakeholders—from our staff to our board, from our volunteers to our partnering organizations, and most importantly our Scholars. This holistic approach is necessary for the sustained, long-term, positive impact that we seek for our Scholars, our neighborhoods, our city, and our world.

To learn more about Chicago Scholars commitment to READI, please visit

At Chicago Scholars, we believe that education is social justice. That's why we're empowering Chicago's best and brightest first-generation college students and students from low-income communities with the mentors, resources, and opportunities to go to our nation's best colleges and universities, graduate on time, and become Chicago's next generation of leaders. Since 1996, we've impacted the lives of more than 5,000 young leaders in Chicago.

Our Values

These are a set of guiding principles that apply to all stakeholders within the Chicago Scholars ecosystem. We select and retain stakeholders based on these stated expectations for how we achieve our mission and vision. Each are supported with core competencies and narrative for the sake of clarity.

We Dream Big. We speak up, innovate, push the boundaries and keep the creativity flowing. We don’t accept the status quo because the stakes are too high. We have an incredible belief that growth and change is possible. While we dream big, we are laser focused on our intended goals and outcomes for our Scholars, our city and the world.

We Show Up. We show up every day; not just physically, but with a positive attitude and willingness to work, connect, challenge, engage, solve problems and have fun. We don’t wait for someone to tell us what to do. We take action and get the job done. If we don’t know how, we figure it out through our knowledge, exploration or our network.

We Embrace Our Differences. We represent a multicultural nation and our collective backgrounds, experiences, styles, values, perspectives and beliefs are an asset to the world. We recognize that together we achieve better outcomes more quickly. Justice and equity starts with us using our collective voice.

We Model the Way. We exhibit the behavior that we want to see in others and in the world. Titles are granted, but our behavior is what earns us respect. In order to model the way, we must be clear about our guiding principles, celebrate our accomplishments and learn from our challenges and failures.

We Care For Each Other Along the Way. We adapt to the needs of the person in front of us. We pause, reflect and listen. We do our best work when we are in good relationship together. We care personally and challenge directly.

We Keep Our Word. When we commit, we are all in. Whether for events, a Scholar, a peer or ourselves. Our words are as powerful as our actions and are the building block of trust, respect, self-worth and integrity.

Position Summary:

The Communications and Marketing Intern will be an integral part of the Communications and Marketing team. Working closely with the Manager of Marketing, this intern will manage content for Chicago Scholars’ social media and websites and advise on strategy and creative matters. We’re excited to support an intern with a variety of interests under the marketing and communications umbrella, including advertising, press relations, copywriting, graphic design, and other content production matters. These interests can be explored through stretch projects once a working relationship has been established. 

Key Responsibilities:  

  • Post content to Chicago Scholars social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) using Sprout Social platform and following an editorial calendar.
  • Respond to social media messages and comments using a script; pass along messages as appropriate to full-time staff for more complex answers. 
  • Handle small updates to using Wordpress CMS.
  • Write and complete graphic design for occasional social media posts with guidance from Marketing and Communications staff.
  • Advise Marketing and Communications staff on Scholar perspective, current social trends; assist with brainstorming and strategizing for new campaigns/editorial calendars.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Copywriting/blogging
  • Basic photography and interviewing at some events
  • Other duties, as assigned.
  • Education: Complete at least first year of college
  • Experience: 0-2
  • Must live in the Chicagoland area 

Technical Knowledge  

  • Outlook
  • Design software like Canva or Adobe products
  • Basic photography and photo editing
  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Flexibility and ability to take feedback professionally, not personally

Core Competencies  

  • Collaboration and Teamwork - Demonstrates awareness and respect of cultural and individual values. Listens to ideas from others even when different from own. Is careful to ensure all sides are heard reaching a conclusion. Shares time, energy and knowledge with others to ensure they can succeed.  
  • Problem Solving - Able to break down tasks into manageable sections in order to make informed decisions and solve problems. Able to perceive and resolve a gap and overcome obstacles between a present situation and a desired goal. Ability to leverage the strengths (superpowers) of others to tackle a problem.  
  • Accountability - Effectively manages own work, and work of teams when relevant, ensuring delivery of high-quality work.
  • Communication - Communication is the ability to read and interpret information effectively, clearly articulate a plan of action, and influence others by way of written and verbal mechanisms.  
  • Initiative - Seeks out opportunities to expand skills, even if change is required. 
  • Creativity and Innovation/We Dream Big. We speak up, innovate, push the boundaries and keep the creativity flowing. We don’t accept the status quo because the stakes are too high. We have an incredible belief that growth and change is possible. While we dream big, we are laser focused on our intended goals and outcomes for our Scholars, our city and the world.

Hourly Salary: $16/hour

To Apply


Please click 'Apply' to submit your application which should include a resume and cover letter. 

Please include a cover letter that explains your experience with social media planning, coordination, and content creation, and describe your experiences and/or involvement with carrying out a communications or marketing strategy. We welcome applicants with diverse experience in communications and marketing. If this applies to you, in your cover letter please note how your experience is applicable to the position.

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