Ohio Valley Region Pastor

Job Summary

The primary role of the Region Pastor is to multiply disciples in their region by implementing the strategy, DNA, vision, and values of Crossroads Church.


This will include (but is not limited to) the following responsibilities:

  • Grow the region numerically, spiritually, and financially (exceeding self-sufficiency to support multiplication.)
  • Lead, send, and multiply a network of Life Groups (all ages) to reach their region.
    • Develop coaches and network pastors
    • Assure all groups practice UP, IN, and OUT ministry.
  • Multiply and mentor disciple-making leaders through developing apprentices at every level.
    • Implement all elements of the Equipping Track
    • Encourage use of all spiritual gifts.
  • Lead, supervise, and develop region staff. (Hiring and terminations are in consultation with the Executive Pastor.)
  • Ensure the excellence and spiritual vitality of the weekly celebration service
    • Be the primary teacher and vision-caster of the congregation, utilizing the message written by our lead pastor.
    • Assure weekend ministry teams are trained and deployed effectively
  • See that pastoral care is provided to the people of Crossroads in the region.
  • See that the quality of the regional hub (what we call our buildings/locations) is maintained as “ready for company.”
  • Embody the values of Crossroads through personal and corporate prayer, personal evangelism, and discipling.
  • Lead and/or contribute to central projects (conferences, group leader trainings, Encounter) outside the region that help the whole church.

Practically, how does a Region Pastor spend his/her time?

  • One-on-one meetings, with Life Group Leaders, team leaders, and anyone in the region who may need pastoral care
  • Huddle meetings/trainings with Life Group Coaches and Leaders
  • Visits to Life Groups (most meet in the evening)
  • Regular meetings to integrate newcomers to the church, help others take their next step in community and help seekers explore questions of faith
  • Oversight and main preacher for Sunday morning service
  • Prayer for individuals, the church and the region
  • Development of goals and plans for the region; planning and preparation for meetings
  • Special services such as baptisms, weddings and funerals

Region Pastor Does Have Oversight Over:

  • The region’s vision and direction, as aligned with the overall Crossroads vision
  • Sunday morning implementation: teaching regularly, recruiting and motivating volunteer and staff team, ensuring a welcoming environment
  • Region-specific special services and events (e.g. baptisms, social events)
  • Management of region-specific staff and volunteer coordinators, including those responsible for children’s and youth ministry, media, worship
  • Life Group locations, leaders, training, recruitment

Region Pastor Does Not Have Oversight Over (though does provide input to):

  • Mission, vision, values, and strategic direction of Crossroads Church as a whole
  • Sunday morning strategy: message series teaching content, service order. The message is written by our lead pastor and delivered live at each of our hubs by the Region Pastor. The service is designed by our central Creative Team.
  • Global special services and events (e.g. Good Friday, Christmas Eve, global kids and student events)
  • Curriculum, which is developed and shared at a central level
  • Life Group strategy and structure, training content, curriculum (our Life Groups use a weekly group guide based on the weekend message)


  • You’re spiritually mature, wise, and lead with humility. 
  • You have a track record of reaching the lost, and you have a heart for seekers and the unchurched. You care about seeing others come to know Jesus.
  • You’re a disciple-maker. You invest in people, and they catch that vision and go on to disciple others.  You have a track record of helping people take their next step in faith, and some of them have followed your example and are currently doing the same with others.
  • You’re a self-starter.  You have an ability to get things done.  You’ve got a system in place to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks.  You follow through on things you say you’ll do.  You respond promptly to emails and phone calls.
  • You’re comfortable leading “naturally supernaturally” in all contexts, practically blending the natural and supernatural aspects of leadership.
  • You have relational warmth. People find you approachable and easy to talk to. You are warm and engaging, and clearly care for people. You have a pastor’s heart and a leader’s mind. You can speak comfortably and naturally in front of large and small groups. Your own personality comes through. People look to you as a leader.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced working environment.
  • You have experience leading and multiplying a disciple-making Life Group (small group).
  • You have coached Life Group (small group) leaders and have led a network of Life Groups.
  • You have demonstrated experience leading in large church settings (250 or more in average weekly attendance).
  • You’re willing to live/relocate within an approximately 10 mile radius of the Ohio Valley regional hub. (308 Penco Road, Weirton, WV.) You have a heart for the Ohio Valley.
  • You align with the core theological beliefs of Crossroads Church (https://xr.church/about-us/our-beliefs/). For example, we fully affirm women in leadership. We believe all gifts of the Spirit listed in the New Testament are available to believers today. You will become ordained with the Global Methodist Church (globalmethodist.org) to be able to baptize (infants and older,) marry, and consecrate communion at Crossroads.