Kennel Tech (MK9)

Marshall Farms is looking to add an additional Kennel Tech to its staff as part of the MK9 program. 

This position is a grade O12 with a pay range of $16.90-$24.60/hour. 

Essential Tasks

Kennel Technicians will have comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in general care and maintenance of animals to include:

General Husbandry Practice

Keeping Primary and Secondary enclosures free of excess manure as well as clean and sanitized on schedule and as needed.

  1. General care and maintenance of kennel facilities and grounds. Keep kennels free of debris, clean spilled feed, keep barns and kennels tidy. 
  2. Ensure all cage and dog areas and airing yards are in good repair and free of dangerous conditions.
  3. Ensure all canines are fed and watered as per the schedule laid out by MK9 Veterinary Program. 
  4. Provide regular physical activity including walks, toy throws and time in group play in airing yards. 

Routine Health Assessments, Treating and Vaccinations

  1. Conduct daily kennel walk-throughs and evaluations of animals to detect illness, injury, and other adverse conditions.
  2. Provide medical treatments as per SOPs.
  3. Collect blood, fecal and other samples as directed by the veterinary staff for medical evaluation and diagnosis.
  4. Administer vaccinations per schedule and as directed.


  1. Conduct heat checks as directed.
  2. Working with programs staff to coordinate and facilitate conventional breeding.


  1. Communicate early signs of dam whelping.
  2. Provide support for whelp activities include working with dam to deliver and provide perinatal support.
  3. Collect, document, and distribute whelp data and other relevant activity details.


  1. Manage Feed and other material inventories while ensuring all products are with expiration.
  2. Ensure all scheduling requirements are properly communicated and coordinated.
  3. Ensure biosecurity requirements are communicated properly and adhered to by all staff and visitors.
  4. Handle animals humanely, properly, and with compassion, including those that may be sick or injured,


Education, Competency and Leadership Requirements


High School Diploma or Equivalent 


Competency Requirements:

Individual will be capable of working with various computer applications including intermediate to advanced capabilities with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Teams Individual will be required to effectively and consistently perform above listed Essential Tasks.

As a Kennel Technician, you will interact will colleagues and supervisors. Must have strong verbal communication skills and listening skills.

Leadership Requirements:

Individual will contribute to a productive and professional environment by setting a positive example and demonstrating enthusiasm, diligence, ethical behavior, taking responsibility for one’s actions and challenging themselves to continually improve.


Work Conditions & Special Requirements

Work Conditions:

M-F 6:00-2:30pm (Approximately) variable weekend rotation; call in hours

Kennel Technicians will be exposed (daily) to include but not limited to:

· Loud noises

· Cleaners and disinfectants with chemical agents.

· Dirt

· Heat (temperature)

· Fumes

· Water 

· Vibration

· Grease, oil

· Dust, shavings

· Manure

· Dander


Physical Requirement:

MK9 Kennel Technicians will need to have the ability to:

  • Lift up to 75 pounds
  • Operate pressure washers.
  • Lift animals.
  • Handle animals (pulling on leash, jumping, etc)
  • Lift and pour feed bags.
  • Walk, bend, crouch, kneel, reach, twist
  • Shovel 

Mental Requirement:

Responsibility: Must have a strong sense of responsibility, ensuring that you provide a safe, positive   experience for animals. 

Problem-Solving: Kennel Technicians supervise the animals under their care and monitor their well-being. When issues are identified, your relevant animal care knowledge and problem-solving skills can help develop appropriate solutions.

Teamwork: Must be able to contribute to a positive work environment. This requires accepting responsibility for own actions; follow through on commitments.

Dependability: Must be able to follow instructions, respond to management direction

Other: Effective interpersonal communication, maintain attention to detail, comprehension (oral & written), understanding interrelationships between processes/activities, ability to forecast and anticipate consequences to actions, ability to coordinate   activities logically, maintain confidentiality, work with constant interruptions, stress, etc.


The Benefits of Being a Part of the Marshall Family Our benefit package is an important element of the over-all experience we offer our employees.  Full-time employees receive: 

  • 100% company-paid medical and dental insurance for employees, spouses, and eligible dependents, or a generous opt-out if you already have coverage elsewhere. 
  • Generous time off benefits starting at 3 weeks/year. 
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan – 100% match on the first 5% of contributions with 100% vesting (must be 18 or older to participate) 
  • Enriched Short-Term disability benefits and Long-Term disability insurance. 
  • Profit Sharing contribution of 10% of your annualized salary 
  • Life Insurance at 4x your annual base (up to a max. of $200,000) 
  • Boot allowance (excludes office and barrier employees) 
  • $500 bonus for employee referrals 

About Marshall Farms Group, Ltd.

Our mission is to help improve the lives of people and pets. When you join our family, you will have a significant impact on fulfilling this mission by supporting our ability to provide animals and related services to the top research organizations across the globe – aiding their lifesaving biomedical and veterinary research. In addition, we leverage our extensive breeding experience as a preferred supplier to detection dog training programs; and are the leading provider of Pet Ferrets. Over the last 80 years we have grown from a local to a global company, but we haven't lost our family feel and employee-centric focus.

Marshall Farms Group, LTD is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.