Gallery Fellow: Enchanted Life - Finding Magic in the Everyday

Fellowship Description

Our everyday is plagued with moments of enchantment. The objects that we use, wear, and carry, are containers for deep, personal meaning. This program aims to open the realm of possibility in our everyday experiences in and with the world through re-examining discarded and used objects through the lens of enchantment. Artist in Residence Julia Orquera Bianco has a strong entanglement with mundane objects. From her experience as an immigrant, she has learned to bring otherwise discarded materials back to life. The process of looking at something with the eyes of possibility casts a spell on this object and transforms it, re-enchanting it. In a world obsessed with thinking big and the next new thing, the Artist asks: what are we surrounded by, and how can we bring enchantment in the realm of the small, the simple, the everyday?

Key Learning Goals:

  • Artists will be able to investigate the world of the mundane by engaging with reading materials and writing/sketching prompts given by the Artist in Residence.
  • Artists will be able to analyze the life of mundane objects from an artistic perspective, potentially finding new personal meanings.
  • Artists will be able to transform these objects through strategies of production that the Artist in Residence will present. Some of them are breaking, tearing apart, putting back together, combining, stretching, mending.
  • Artists will be able to experiment with unconventional methods of creating, more directly connected with labor and craft.
  • Artists will have an opportunity to create a body of work that explores their own take on everyday objects and their relationship with them.
  • By the end of the program, Artists will be able to provide examples of artistic re-enchantment, defending their production soundly and wholeheartedly. 

About the ArtWorks Gallery Fellowship Program 

The ArtWorks Gallery Fellowship Program allows teen and young adult artists (ages 16-24) to study the materials and methods of guest Artists-in-Residence in a small educational setting that encourages collaboration and artistic experimentation. Using materials and time in the studio provided for free, participants create their own unique and individual works of art to exhibit in an intentional group show in the ArtWorks V² Gallery. Artists gain exposure and recognition in the local arts community, as well as the opportunity to price and sell work during its exhibition in the ArtWorks V² Gallery. Artists in this program will also learn foundational skills about gallery exhibitions from local curators and museum partners, including how to effectively represent their art through artist statements, gallery talks, opening events, and community events.


Gallery Fellowship Requirements

  • Gallery Fellows must be 16 - 24 years old.
  • Gallery Fellows must commit to attending all scheduled classes and professional development sessions.
  • Gallery Fellows must participate in the installation and curation of the group exhibition.
  • Gallery Fellows must participate in the Gallery Opening. 
  • Gallery Fellows must participate in the deinstallation and closing of the group exhibition.

Mandatory Classes and Professional Development Sessions run May 14 - June 20, 2024

  • Tuesdays 4-7pm
  • Thursdays 4-7pm

Mandatory Classes and Professional Development Sessions Location

2823 Massachusetts Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45225

Important Exhibition Dates

  • Installation week is July 15 - July 19, 2024
  • Gallery Opening is Friday, July 26, 4-7pm 
  • Group Exhibition is open July 26 - September 12, 2024
  • Deinstallation week is September 12 - September 13, 2024

Application Requirements

Please upload artwork from your portfolio that you think speaks best to your style and talents. Please only upload a PDF with a minimum of 2 works of art and at maximum 5 works of art shown in your PDF portfolio.