Kidzone Director

The Kidzone Director will lead children’s ministries in our Pittsburgh North region.  While not acting as the teacher on a weekly basis, the Kidzone Director will recruit, train, and develop volunteers to ensure that all Kidzone students are being discipled through age-appropriate, engaging lessons and activities each weekend.  The Director will also work through volunteers to coordinate and execute our annual KidzXP (4-night summer camp event.)



  • Recruit, Train, Equip & Develop Disciple-Making Leaders for Kidzone.  
  • Connect and collaborate with our central Kids Ministry team, including modeling and replication of the overall Crossroads Kids Ministry vision.
    • Plan/Prepare engaging lessons and music for students of every age group for each service. Content & coaching is provided by our central Kids Ministry team.
  • Regularly explore new ways to better engage with Kidzone students and their parents, including new families, regarding special events/services, resources, etc.
  • Become/remain actively involved in the Pittsburgh North region’s functions, events, and services to be recognized and build relationships with families and students.  
  • Track attendance for all services/events and analyze data to plan for higher retention and growth opportunities for Children’s Ministry.  
  • Partner with Student Pastor to aid in the transition of parents and students to XRStudents, promoting continual spiritual and emotional growth/maturity.  
  • Ensure that Pittsburgh North Kidzone maintains compliance with Crossroads’ CODE OF CONDUCT FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILDREN, YOUTH, AND VULNERABLE ADULTS, at all services/events. 
  • Schedule all teachers for weekly services within Rock or Planning Center and train volunteers, as needed.
  • Maintain clean children’s ministry spaces, ensuring that after services all areas are reset and organized.
  • Purchase children’s ministry supplies, as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Previous experience in children’s ministry or similar position, preferred. 
  • You’re spiritually mature, wise, and lead with humility.
  • You have a track record of reaching the lost, and you have a heart for seekers and the unchurched. You care about seeing others come to know Jesus.
  • You’re a disciple-maker. You invest in people, and they catch that vision and go on to disciple others. You have a track record of helping people take their next step in faith, and some of them have followed your example and are currently doing the same with others.
  • You’re a self-starter. You have an ability to get things done.  You’ve got a system in place to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks.  You follow through on things you say you’ll do.  You respond promptly to emails and phone calls.
  • You’re comfortable leading “naturally supernaturally” (operating in the gifts of the Spirit, including praying for healing and prophetic prayer) in all contexts, practically blending the natural and supernatural aspects of leadership.
  • You have relational warmth. People find you approachable and easy to talk to. You are warm and engaging, and clearly care for people. You have a pastor’s heart and a leader’s mind. You can speak comfortably and naturally in front of large and small groups.  Your own personality comes through. People look to you as a leader.
  • You have a willingness to learn and be coached.
  • You align with the core theological beliefs of Crossroads Church ( For example, we fully affirm women in leadership. We believe all gifts of the Spirit listed in the New Testament are available to believers today.
Salary Description
$15/hour for 10 hours per week