Medical Assistant $500 SIGN ON BONUS



 *$500 SIGN ON BONUS* 


Prepares procedure rooms for local procedures by setting up instrumentation, checking the case supplies and physician preferences and opening sterile instruments/supplies in an aseptic technique.

Demonstrates the ability to properly identify the patient, assist the patient to the proper procedure room, and recognize the importance of proper body mechanics when lifting and moving patients.

Ability to assist the physicians during local procedures utilizing aseptic technique. Demonstrates knowledge of universal precautions, PPE (personal protective equipment), and aseptic technique.

Demonstrates the ability to accurately document on procedure specific memos and accurately use and document on the Electronic Health Record.

Demonstrates ability to accurately mix medication on order of the physician and knowledge of universal precautions and personal protective equipment while mixing medications.

Demonstrates the ability to accurately perform injection/installations on order of the physician.

Demonstrates the ability to accurately draw and process blood specimens and complete related paperwork.

Demonstrates the ability document in and maintain specimen logs, medication logs, MA lab logs, sterilization logs, ect.

Demonstrates the ability to communicate with both patients and physicians/providers and document in the medical record patient medical concerns.

Demonstrates the ability to insert/remove urinary catheters.

Participates in the decontamination and processing of procedure instrumentation. Demonstrates the ability to operate the autoclave including but not limited to: Cleaning of the unit itself, sterilization parameters, and maintenance of autoclave records; ability to wrap and sterilize instruments and related supplies; ability to use and operate load control products, i.e., biological indicators and maintain these records.

At the completion of the procedure, assists in room clean-up and the removal of soiled instrumentation, supplies, and trash from the procedure room. Wipes down furniture/equipment and may occasionally mop floors and empty trash containers.

Clean lab areas this includes wip

Cleans restrooms as needed this includes wiping down the entire toilet, cleaning the bathroom floor, wiping down sinks including handles and faucets. If necessary downing exam or utility gloves and removing objects from the toilet bowl.

Ability to operate Clinitek Machine (urinalysis).

Knowledge of cold sterilization including but not limited to: Mixing of solution; handling of solution; solution parameters and expiration dates, and maintenance of solution logs.

Restocks supply cupboards, labs and rooms as needed. Assists in the maintenance of equipment as needed.

Uses supplies in a conservative and economically minded manner.

Transports laboratory specimens, x-ray films, instruments, and/or supplies as needed/requested.

Collaborates with orientation of new personnel in the office as requested and/or assigned. 

Reports to the supervisor when the office schedule is finished to assist office personnel in other areas. May rotate within all MIU office locations.

Acts as the patient advocate notifies physician/supervisor of observed condition or change in condition of the patient to provide continuity of patient care.

Maintains confidentiality of patient records.

Maintains accountability for identifying self-deficits and for updating knowledge and skills required to perform responsibilities.

Demonstrates a commitment to the vision, mission, and goals of the Michigan Institute of Urology through application of Continuous Quality Improvement.



Medical Assistant Certificate required 

At least 1-2 years experience in a high volume setting 

At least 1-2 years of Medical Assisting duties