Communications Manager
Indianapolis, IN Communications
Job Type

The ACLU of Indiana’s Communications Manager’s role is to implement strategies to move people to take 

positive action in support of civil liberties. With support from the Executive Director, the Communications 

Manager will lead ACLU of Indiana’s engagement with Hoosiers through innovative, multi-channel “mobilization 

to action” campaigns, rapid response alerts, sustained public education, and collateral that succinctly promotes 

our issues.

In collaboration with the ACLU of Indiana’s Legal, Policy, and Advocacy teams, the Communications team’s core 

mission is to help Hoosiers engage in strategic ways with state and local elected officials and other government 

decision-makers to win back, preserve, and advance a range of federal and state constitutional rights. We do 

this through reliable, accurate, unbiased information in a digestible, interesting, and motivating way. 

The Manager works under the supervision of the Executive Director and in collaboration with other ACLU of IN 

staff members, the ACLU national office, and with coalition partners.

  • Lead staff member helping to shape and implement ACLU of Indiana’s communications strategies, working  with communications staff to identify opportunities to build and maintain social media presence, respond to press inquiries, track new opportunities in the media landscape, and provide rapid response messaging for legal and legislative priorities;
  •  Increase support among Hoosiers for key ACLU of Indiana issues through online engagements;
  •  Oversee the ACLU of Indiana’s brand and tone of voice, ensuring consistency in messaging and brand across campaigns;
  •  Hire, recruit, manage, develop, coach, and retain Communications team, empowering and mentoring them as leaders;
  •  In collaboration with ACLU of Indiana colleagues, draft press statements in response to breaking news, developments in lawsuits, and new initiatives;
  •  With support from Executive Director and Advocacy team, lead development of Collateral program that supports existing communications and advocacy work, including promotional items, posters, palm cards, pamphlets, and specialty items;
  •  With Communications team members, manage relationship with outside marketing vendor to execute exceptional content,    ads, websites, and communications campaigns;
  •  Working closely with the Finance and Operations Director and Executive Director, help establish budget priorities for the Communications team and track the budget, including specific line items for campaigns and types of engagement and grant tracking and spending;
  •  Serve on the ACLU of Indiana Management Team to help steer the direction of the affiliate and maintain commitment to our mission;
  •  Respond to media requests on policy issues and identify opportunities for op-eds, blog posts, and columns that dive more deeply into a particular ACLU of Indiana priority area and help draft text that is educational, accessible, and motivating to readers; and,
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.


  •  Management style that builds trust, grows team members, and achieves meaningful outcomes for Hoosiers;
  •  Ability to take initiative, identify and implement goals and strategies, respond to developing issues in a timely manner, and participate in long-term planning;
  •  Ability to master your area of work so that you can be a resource for colleagues at the ACLU of Indiana, and ACLU affiliates across the country;
  •  Confidence to speak to press on behalf of the ACLU of Indiana;
  •  Interest in collaborating across departments within the ACLU of Indiana so that we have an integrated approach to the many issues we work on;
  •  Commitment to working in a non-partisan manner;
  •  Willingness to learn from your state and national colleagues and members of your team;
  •  Interest in tracking and applying data to campaigns and programs in order to understand how we can best mobilize Hoosiers to  take action on our issues; and,
  •  Strong commitment to advancing the ACLU of Indiana’s values, mission, and goals, with an understanding of the range of civil liberties and civil rights issues and their implications.


  •  At least three years of experience in mid-level communications position, bachelor’s degree preferred;
  •  Experience as a supervisor, experience as a team leader preferred;
  •  Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with diverse staff, partners, and work across the political spectrum; 
  •  Ability to handle and prioritize multiple activities and responsibilities and the ability to work under pressure;
  •  Strong oral and written communication, including ability to occasionally act as spokesperson for ACLU of Indiana;
  •  Ability to prioritize various communications opportunities in the face of competing interests; 
  •  Broad understanding of the different populations who make up Indiana and ways to translate the importance of our issues for them; and,
  •  Exceptional initiative, vision, and ability to develop and implement short- and long-term integrated communication strategies

 Salary and Benefits 

Annual salary range:  $64,000-$75,000

The ACLU of Indiana is a hybrid office; employees can choose to work from home up to two days a week.  Employees are expected to work from our downtown Indianapolis office the remainder of the week.  Benefits: As a full-time exempt employee, your benefit package in this position will include paid vacation, sick  leave, health insurance, dental Insurance, life insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, and employer contributions to employee’s Health Savings Account and 401k.  

 Application Process and Anticipated Timeline 

We will begin reviewing submissions on a rolling basis two weeks after this position is  posted. Promising candidates will be invited for a virtual first-round interview. Finalists will be invited a final in-person interview in Indianapolis. 

Salary Description
$64,000 - $75,000