Part Time Pediatric ABA Behavior Technician

Duties and Responsibilities

Specific Responsibilities:

• Provide 1:1 behavior intervention services in the clinic for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

• Implement educational and clinical behavioral programs as directed by the Pediatric ABA Behavior Analyst

• Collect data, as directed by the Pediatric ABA Behavior Analyst, during every session

• Collaborate with Pediatric ABA Behavior Analyst in developing individualized goals and objectives for clinic-based programs for each individual on caseload 

• Maintain and modify client materials (e.g., data notebooks, teaching materials) as directed by the Outpatient Behavior Analyst and VIA policy 

• Conduct caregiver training as necessary

• Attend regular team meetings with the Pediatric ABA Behavior Analyst to review client progress 

• Complete all necessary documentation in a timely and satisfactory manner as requested by Supervisor

• Maintain a billable caseload of as required by the program director hours per week and document billable hours according to VIA policy and state and federal regulation


• Employee comes to work when scheduled

• Attends meetings as scheduled by supervisor and administrative staff

• Maintains weekly schedule and communicates availability to entire outreach team as required 



This position is scheduled to work 2-3 days per week from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


• Bachelor’s degree preferred and/or experience in Psychology, Education, Social Work, Behavioral Science, Human Development or related field

• Minimum of six months of experience working with children (special needs preferred)

• Must have legal authorization to work in the United States of America

• Valid driver’s license

The position may involve working with students who exhibit challenging and/or aggressive behavior and participation in community outings.  

Physical Requirements

The ability to move independently throughout a wide range of environments, some of which may not be wheelchair or otherwise handicapped accessible, is required.  Independent transportation to locations that may not be served by public transportation may be necessary.  

Amount of Time: Continuously (67%-100%) Frequently (34%-66%) Occasionally (10%-33%) Rarely (1%-9%)

Bending: Continuously

Carrying: Frequently

Climbing: Occasionally

Crawling : Continuously

Kneeling : Occasionally

Lifting: Frequently

Pulling: Frequently

Pushing: Occasionally

Reaching: Frequently

Restraining: Frequently

Running: Frequently

Sitting: Continuously

Squatting: Frequently

Standing: Continuously

Walking: Continuously


Carrying: Medium weight, 20-50 lbs.

Lifting: Medium weight, 20-50 lbs.