STEM and Innovations Education Program Coordinator
Job Type

Job Summary: 

WITF’s STEM and Innovations Program Coordinator is responsible for designing, coordinating, and implementing WITF’s STEM programs alongside and with the Innovation Studio. This requires knowledge of STEM education frameworks (e.g., C-E-R), academic standards (e.g., NGSS and PA STEELS), and pedagogies (e.g., project-based learning and inquiry-based learning) as well as skills in media production (e.g., podcasting, green-screening, video capturing and editing, etc.). The Program Coordinator is expected to work closely with various WITF departments including digital media, marketing, and development. To design high-quality standards-aligned instruction, the Program Coordinator must maintain up-to-date knowledge of cutting-edge research-based practices in science education as well as PA Core Standards. WITF Education is committed to instructional design and teaching that implements the most research-based cutting-edge pedagogies and the Program Coordinator is expected to model these practices in all aspects of program design and implementation. Professional learning opportunities are available to help maintain knowledge of these frameworks. Direct instruction includes teaching in our K-12 Explore in the Classroom program, leading summer camps, and teaching in afterschool settings. In addition to developing materials and providing direct instruction, the Program Coordinator may be responsible for designing and instructing professional learning workshops, seminars, and courses. The Program Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with district and school administrators and teachers in WITF’s 19-county geographic region. Occasional travel and weekend commitments will be required for this position. If applicable, the Program Coordinator will also assume supervisory responsibility for part-time instructors, consultants, and/or interns. 

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Design, coordinate, and author STEM instruction and programs for K-12 students

  • Research already existing STEM programs designed for K-12 students to map best practices across programs while also ensuring that WITF’s programs have unique and original appeal
  • Develop and maintain expertise of the PA STEELS Standards
  • Author instructional units that explore key STEM concepts using research-based best practices
  • Design and implement programs that engage youth in using media and technology in STEM education
  • Collaborate with Journalism (e.g., Climate Solutions) to ensure that STEM instruction has a strong tie to media and information literacy around climate and environmental science
  • Collaborate with education, television, and digital teams to ensure STEM instruction and programs have a strong tie to PBS Kids and PBS Learning Media content
  • Consult with other educators and experts to embed English learner considerations and supports in STEM curriculum and instruction
  • Assist with developing and implementing marketing initiatives to inform teachers, school/program administrators, families, and funders about the media literacy program
  • Assist with locating and authoring grant and development proposals to support and expand WITF’s STEM programs including preparing and delivering presentations about the program to stakeholders, including WITF staff, WITF Board of Directors, corporate partners, scholarly audiences, etc.

2. Implement STEM in WITF’s Explore in the Classroom Program

  • Author and co-author instructional plans that connect STEM education with our Explore in the Classroom (EITC) program
  1. Work alongside the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Coordinators and to ensure STEM lesson plans are high-quality for implementation in PreK through 4th grades.
  2. Author and implement STEM instruction for EITC in grades 5-12
  3. Coordinate partnerships with K-12 school administrators and teachers as well as community-based and afterschool educational programs (e.g., 21st Century Community Learning Centers)
  4. Author explicit outcomes-based goals for the STEM education program and design and conduct evaluations to measure outcomes and impact of the program

3. Lead coordination efforts of the WITF Innovation Studio and Mobile Makerspace 

  • Design and lead school field trips, community events, and educational experiences at WITF’s Innovation Studio at the Public Media Center and the possible addition of a second studio at LNP in Lancaster
  • Develop opportunities to take WITF’s Mobile Makerspace into the community and schools and run educational programs
  • Maintain and expand the content that is included in the Innovation Studio and Mobile Makerspace
  • Manage inventories, keep up with trends, and secure new materials as needed
  • Author explicit outcomes-based goals for the STEM education program and design and conduct evaluations to measure outcomes and impact of the program 
  1. Compile data, evaluation results, student assessment artifacts, pictures/videos, and statistics used for summaries and reports for the Vice President of Education, development team, and corporate partnerships staff

4. Develop/Co-Develop and Lead/Co-Lead Teacher Professional Learning Workshops

  • Work with schools, IUs, and community organizations to determine professional learning needs
  1. Design or co-design workshops that teach educators to use WITF or WITF-affiliated materials (e.g., WITF content/productions and PBS Learning Media)
  2. Assist in processing Act 48 continuing education credit

5. Participate in Professional Meetings and Collaborations

  • Attend and represent WITF’s STEM initiatives at collaborations/meetings/initiatives of (including but not limited to):
  1. Pennsylvania Department of Education
  2. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
  3. National Science Teachers Association
  4. Lancaster County STEM Alliance and other STEM ecosystems
  5. Internal workgroups (e.g., event productions, marketing, development, strategic planning, diversity, etc.)  

Required Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree in mid-level or secondary Science Education is required with an active or inactive PA Instructional I or II certification in mid-level or secondary Science Education

2. A minimum of 2 years’ full-time experience working in direct instruction with K-12 students in traditional public, charter, private, or community schools within the United States. 

3. Extensive experience with designing and delivering academic standards-aligned instruction 

4. Experience with conceptualizing new projects, grant writing/application, and overseeing grant-funded projects

5. Experience co-coordinating budgets, including experience with internal budgets as well as externally funded projects that requires communication with external funders

6. Experience in implementing large scale projects and programs

7. Knowledge of evidence-based programs and best practices to enhance the instructional experiences of students who experience significant and often persistent opportunity gaps (e.g., students experiencing poverty, homelessness, foster care, transiency, or who are English learners)

8. Excellent critical and analytical thinking skills

9. Intermediate experience designing assessments for student learning and evaluations for measuring program effectiveness

10. Experience developing measurable objectives to determine effectiveness of educational programs 

11. Experience with program coordination and collaboration

12. Experience in developing and delivering professional learning workshops, courses, and presentations for adult learners 

13. Proficient computer literacy with experience in Microsoft Office programs, databases, Excel, Outlook, data entry, email and experience managing file sharing

14. Adept at using virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams 

15. Excellent verbal skills, including public speaking experience 

16. Excellent writing skills, including experience in writing for web communications and correspondence

17. Ability to prioritize and organize multiple activities and effectively coordinate the work of large teams to consistently meet deadlines

18. Strong ability to work independently as well as work positively within a larger team and among various clients and field staff

19. Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with colleagues and clients both internal and external to maintain positive and collaborative relationships using tact and diplomacy and to remain calm in unpredictable situations

20. Must have ability to communicate and work effectively with colleagues, co-workers, community agency personnel, and students and families


Additional Eligibility Requirements: 

1. Current, approved Act 34 (PA State Police), Act 151 (PA Child Abuse Registry) and Act 114-FBI Fingerprint clearances are required and must be renewed at appropriate, specific intervals pursuant to Act 153 of 2014 (revised Act 15 of 2015).

2. Current, approved Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training certificates showing completion of a minimum of three (3) hours training every five (5) years.

Time and Site Requirements:

1. This is a full-time, exempt position following a 12-month work schedule.

2. 25% day travel for site visits, meetings and conferences

3. >10% occasional overnight travel for conferences, meetings, site visits

4. This position offers a non-permanent hybrid work schedule dependent upon individual performance and organization demands. 

Salary Description
$58,000 - 62,000/year