Security Officer
Job Type

Position: Security Officer 

Reports to: Director of Engineering 

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt 

OUR MISSION: To deliver unparalleled hospitality and five-star quality care in an independent living resort setting, ensuring a professional and fulfilling experience for all residents. 

Position Summary: 

The Overnight Security Officer at Symphony Park is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the property, its residents, and staff during the night. This role requires vigilance, quick response capabilities, and a strong sense of responsibility. 

Essential Job Functions: 

Patrolling and Monitoring: 

  • Conduct regular patrols of the property, including buildings and grounds. 
  • Monitor CCTV systems and respond to alarms and unusual activities. 

Access Control: 

  • Manage entry points to ensure only authorized personnel and residents have access. 
  • Monitor visitor access, including logging details and issuing visitor passes. 

Emergency Response: 

  • Respond promptly to emergencies, providing first aid and coordinating with emergency services when necessary. 
  • For non-medical emergencies, report the issue immediately to the on call maintenance technician or Director of Engineering.  
  • Assist in evacuation procedures during emergencies. 

Incident Reporting: 

  • Document all security incidents and irregularities in detail. 
  • Prepare reports for management regarding security status and incidents. 

Safety Measures: 

  • Ensure all safety protocols are followed. 
  • Regularly inspect safety equipment like fire extinguishers and alarm systems. 


  • At all times, answer the provided Security Officer phone and address all resident concerns. Tirage incidents as necessary, call management when issues are not able to be resolved. 
  • Communicate effectively with team members, residents, and emergency personnel. 
  • Provide assistance and information to residents and staff during the night. 

Experience Qualifications & Skills: 

  • Training in security operations and safety management. 
  • Prior experience in security or law enforcement preferred. 
  • Good observational skills and attention to detail. 
  • Ability to act calmly and effectively in emergency situations. 

Physical Demands: 

  • Walk/Stand – must be able to continuously walk and stand 
  • Environment Condition – must be able to perform work both inside and outside 
  • Sit – sit infrequently 
  • Lift - constantly 0-10 pounds, frequently 11 – 50 pounds 
  • Carry - constantly 0-10 pounds, frequently 11 – 50 pounds 
  • Push - constantly 0-10 pounds, frequently 11 – 50 pounds 
  • Climb – must be able to climb stairs on a frequent basis, with the opportunity to utilize the elevator as an alternate resource if available 
  • Bend – must be able to bend at the waist, knees, hips and spine on a frequent basis, may require frequently manipulating weights of 25 pounds or more. 
  • Squat – must be able to squat on a frequent basis to reach below the knee, may require lifting of 50 pounds or less. 
  • Twist or rotate – must be able to twist or rotate occasionally at the trunk, hips, knees, and neck while, manipulating weights of 25 pounds or more. 
  • Reach– must be able to reach on a frequent basis. May occasionally reach overhead, requiring manipulation of weight of 10 pounds or less, and below waist manipulating weight of 25 pounds or more. 
  • Sensory Vision – must be able to read clearly with or without corrective lenses 
  • Hear - Must be able to hear telephone, audible alarms, bells and signals related to resident safety with or without hearing devices. 
  • Speech/Language – must have strong command of English sufficient to read and write and interpret administration information.  
  • Occasionally lift/move up to 75 pounds. 
  • Work Environment: outdoor and indoor work in various weather conditions. Exposure to natural elements like sun, wind, and rain. 
  • The role requires overnight shifts, including weekends and holidays.