Fiscal Assistant Director of Self Direction

Assistant Fiscal Director of Self-Direction


The Assistant Fiscal Director of Self-Direction will oversee the processing of all revenue and expenditures while ensuring the accuracy of financial records for appropriate and timely reporting and review. The AD will work with the Fiscal Self-Direction Supervisor and Lead AP Specialists to ensure all AP Specialists are completing all reviews, approvals and follow through for any submitted reimbursement requests. They will assist the Fiscal Director of Self-Direction/ Associate Executive Director and CFO in reviewing and maintaining internal processes and controls that benefit both the agency and person supported. 

The AD will support the Fiscal Self-Direction Supervisors, Lead AP Specialists and all AP Specialists in understanding all AIM Self Direction policies and procedures and assist in obtaining all required documentation. The AD will work with the internal and external Self-Direction teams to assure person centered supports are being provided and the teams have the tools to access the budget funds.


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance with 1 year experience working with individuals with disabilities preferred; or Associate’s Degree in a Human Services Related Field with 2 years experience working with individuals with disabilities preferred
  • Knowledge of non-profit accounting preferred 
  • Previous supervisory experience 
  • Experience with computerized accounting software
  • Highly organized with strong time management, math and analytical skills - detail oriented 
  • Strong communication and team building skills 
  • Ability to present numerical data effectively, and to read and interpret written information 
  • Demonstrated accuracy and thoroughness and monitors own work to ensure quality 

Physical/Cognitive Requirements:

  • Ability to maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality 
  • Remains calm in stressful or demanding situations 
  • Sitting and/or computer use and writing for extended periods of time 
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks 

Responsible To: Fiscal Director of Self-Direction/Associate Executive Director 

Status: Exempt 

Essential Functions:

  • Oversees daily financial operations for Self Directed Services 
  • Supervises the fiscal staff and plays a key role in selecting, orienting, and training employees for Self Directed Services 
  • Drives optimum performance through careful planning, monitoring and appraising job results 
  • Assists in establishing, monitoring, and enforcing internal controls 

Other Duties:

  • Additional Committee participation
  • As requested, participate as an active member of the individuals’ program team and Circle of Support.
  • Any and all other related duties as requested by supervisor.

Signed Date:

Salary Description
$31.00- $33.00/ hour