School Nurse


Job Purpose

The School Nurse is responsible for implementing: assessment, screening, planning, intervention, evaluation, counseling, and management of the medical care needs of students. This position will complete all health related tasks and assists in related work as required. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Clinic Services 

• Provides emergency first aid and medical treatment as required

• Administers and monitors medications per doctor’s orders 

• Maintains Medication Administration Logs for each medication

• Notifies parents/guardians when consents are expiring

• Notifies parents/guardians when medications are low or expiring

• Performs monthly medication audits 

• Performs medical procedures as prescribed by physician

• Maintains student health record. Reviews and updates regularly

• Treats and documents student illness and injuries on accordance with regulations 

• Counsels staff, documents and treats workplace injuries 

• Provides nursing services (via telehealth or travel for in person care) to outlying VIA sites if the regular nurse is absent or the site does not have a full-time nurse. 

• Monitors student immunization compliance and takes corrective action to comply with state compliance

• Maintains and ensures health clinic and first aid supplies are stocked

• Assists and monitors physical management of students, completing body checks following emergency procedures


• Provides regular and ongoing staff training on student related health issues as needed (i.e. Diabetes, seizures, student-specific conditions)

• Provide staff training for First Aid, CPR and AED

• Provide Medication Administration Training as needed per VAISEF/DBHDS regulations


• Collaborates with staff and parents on student-related health issues

• Alerts Nurse Supervisor of any medically unstable situations

• Attends IEP or parent meetings as requested for student-related health issues

• Assists in writing medical procedures, policy and protocols as requested

• Maintains current license with Department of Health, staying current on guidelines and recommendations issues by applicable governing bodies, including the Department of Education, VAISEF and DBHDS

• Well-versed in medical orders and protocols for students with heightened medical needs

• Manages outbreaks of infectious illness in collaboration with the health department. Follows health department guidelines regarding management of such illnesses


• Arrives on time for work

• Shows flexibility to change

• Maintains confidentiality with all respective parties

• Utilizes critical thinking and triage assessment in emergent situations

• Has a positive attitude towards students and staff

• Adheres to safety protocols

• Makes prudent use of sick/personal time

• Assists with special projects and assignments as requested

• Takes on additional responsibilities when work is complete

• Assists in keeping common spaces clean and organized

• Accepts feedback and constructive criticism

• Adheres to the mission, vision and values of VIA

Position Type

This is a full-time position. This position requires travel between VIA locations in Charlottesville, Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Lexington as needed. 



Education Requirements

• High school degree or equivalent required

• Associate’s degree in nursing or diploma from an approved nursing program required

• Bachelor’s degree preferred

• Ability to obtain and maintain RN licensure in Virginia

Work Experience Requirements

• Experience preferred working as a nurse in a pediatric setting

• Experience preferred working with children and young adults with disabilities, including autism

• Experience preferred working with parents of children with disabilities

• Ability to work as part of a diverse team