Assistant Cook (Part-time)
Miller, SD Dietary
Job Type

  *Eligible for $1,000 sign-on bonus*

Perform general aide duties for a health food department. Under general supervision will verify meals to be delivered for Meals on Wheels sites and homes, hospital patients and employees, and assisted living residents. Verify counts and monitor special diet needs as required. In addition, will be baking and have other preparation responsibilities. 



a. Determine the number of meals to prepare for desserts, salads and other preparation needs for the hospital patients and employees.

b. Check count sheets daily for the amount of meals that will be sent out to Manor, Plaza, and Meals on Wheels home delivery.

c. Assist cook in sealing meal trays for delivery to sites.

d. Aid is responsible for properly putting away walk-in refrigerator freight and assisting cook with putting away the dry storage freight. 

e. Verify with the cook that patients with special diets receive proper nutrition. 

f. Deliver patient meals to nurse’s station and ensure meals are delivered to patients.

g. Perform general cleaning duties to ensure quality food preparation.

h. Prep will empty bathroom and prep side garbage at the end of their shift. 

i. Prepare fruit salads, vegetable salads, baked goods, and other prep work as directed on the menu.

j. Dishwashing duties include all meal dishes as well as meal preparation dishes.

k. Fill grocery lists from other departments.

l. Stock refrigerator to ensure daily supplies are current. (ie. Milk, juice, jelly, salad dressings, butter, etc.)

m. Attend and participate in educational training and in-service meetings as required.

n. Will need to follow instructions on use chemicals such as bleach, floor cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. 

o. Will be using equipment such as dishwasher, mixers, blenders, choppers, knives, toaster, ovens, stoves, and electric can opener. 

p. Maintain confidentiality of all patient care information to protect patient rights.

q. Maintain positive and safe work habits, assure infection control policies are followed, and adhered to with enthusiasm for dietary duties.

r. Maintain regular attendance and punctuality. Shift time is 07:00A-2:30PM

s. Sweep the prep side, dish room and bathroom daily. Store room is swept and mopped on the weekends by the prep cook.

t. Informs cook or dietary manager of pertinent situations, equipment repairs, food supply, etc.

u. Works well under supervision of cook and dietary manager and is willing to provide suggestions. Maintain good report with both dietary department and all other facility departments.

Salary Description