GNSS Engineer (UK)
London, GBR

GNSS (GPS) creates upwards of $500B in economic value in North America every year, supporting everything from consumer applications, to transportation, to time sync for critical infrastructure. As these industries progress towards autonomy, the performance and security demands of their Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) systems are increasing beyond what GNSS can support, leaving a need for a cost-effective global solution. 

Using lessons we've learned at places like SpaceX and Blue Origin, Xona is building a modern commercial satellite system at the rapid pace of the new space industry leveraging the recent wave of technology and regulatory advancements. Building on our patented small satellite architecture, we are developing a robust and accurate service that is an independent alternative to GNSS rather than a correction, solving the longstanding challenge of obtaining a reliable high accuracy solution. Our satellite system will provide the first ever high-accuracy global navigation and timing services with the security and resilience that modern applications need to operate safely at scale.

Lead the charge in conducting RF testing, utilizing your expertise to develop cutting-edge RF system-level test methods and verification plans. Your meticulous attention to detail will ensure the quality and reliability of our products.  Harness the power of hardware simulation and lab testing to validate our designs and configurations. Dive into the heart of hardware-in-the-loop testing, where you'll fine-tune our systems for peak performance. Venture into the field to put our products to the test in real-world environments. Your hands-on approach will provide invaluable feedback for refining our designs and ensuring they meet the needs of our customers. 

  • Bachelor's degree in   Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Geomatics, Aerospace, or related   field, or equivalent experience.
  • Knowledge of RF testing and RF system-level test methods.
  • Experience with hardware simulation, lab testing, and field testing
  • Strong project management skills and ability to collaborate with external partners
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.    

Desired Qualifications 

  • Experience with GPS/GNSS   technology
  • Familiarity with GNSS Interface Control Documents (ICD) and data/file   formats such as RINEX, sp3, NMEA.
  • Experience with LEO satellite signals in navigation.
  • Proficiency in novel GNSS simulator and receiver qualification.
  • Understanding of modelling jamming, interference, and multipath environments.
  • Familiarity with SDRs, GNU Radio, and GNSS SDR.
  • Programming skills in Python, C++, Matlab.
  • Experience with Git and the Git workflow.
  • Self-starter with a drive for excellence.
  • Experience working with the UK and European Space Agencies
  • Eligibility to receive clearance
Salary Description
Starting at £65,000