Production Chief | Production Manager
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“When your car doesn’t work, your life doesn’t work!” That’s our motto here at Pull-A-Part, and it’s the challenge that we help our customers overcome every day! We’re currently looking for happy, goal-oriented individuals, who love to assist people in solving their automotive issues, to join our team. If you are looking to grow with a customer-focused company, then our Production Chief | Production Manager opportunity could be your next best career move.


For this opportunity you will report to our Pull-A-Part store location, and you will work with our Store Manager to fulfill the following job responsibilities & qualifications required for the role:

  • Develop a culture that focuses on "Safety First" & "Environmental Stewardship" and adheres to environmental, health, and safety standards.
  • Perform all production-related functions while exhibiting the four core company values - Respect, Help, Learn & Grow.
  • Prioritize the cleanliness and appearance of the facility and your work area.
  • Listen to and interact with customers to deliver friendly, helpful, and professional customer service.
  • Maintain positive relationships with vendors, suppliers, and other third parties who bring value to our business operations.
  • Manage the production team and Execute the Company Playbook, which includes all company policies, safety guidelines, and standard operating procedures (SOP's).
  • Comply with the company dress code policy.
  • Motivate & help the production team meet daily performance goals.
  • Build a team by effectively hiring, training, and developing confident employees.
  • Prioritize the auditing and recording of inventory levels throughout each day of operation.
  • Commit to working production hours (typically Monday - Friday), but may include occasional overtime, weekends, and some holidays.
  • Be willing and able to work in an industrial environment (both indoors & outdoors) with exposure to all weather conditions.
  • Coordinate and oversee all automotive salvage and recycling activities.
  • Operate industrial equipment including loaders, forklifts, crushers, and more.
  • Perform general equipment and building maintenance.
  • Fulfill other production-related tasks and objectives as needed.


  • Commitment to delivering friendly, helpful, and professional customer service.
  • Leadership / supervisory experience in production.
  • Intermediate knowledge of auto parts.
  • General mechanical understanding and application.
  • Experience managing safety initiatives; building a team; leading projects; and increasing company profitability.
  • Strong administrative & organizational skills.
  • Demonstrates a collaborative management style with a proven ability to motivate and lead team members.
  • Excels in a fast paced, team-oriented environment.
  • Good computer skills with the ability to navigate mobile devices and Microsoft Office products.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with people at all levels within and outside the organization.
  • Ability to manage multiple processes and projects.
  • Willing and able to stand, walk, bend, lift 50lbs, and stretch as required by a specific task.
  • Must work production hours (typically Monday-Friday) including some weekends and some holidays.
  • Be willing and able to work in an industrial environment (both indoors & outdoors) with exposure to all weather conditions.
  • Reliable means of transportation to work.
  • Preferred qualifications (but not required) include:
  • Experience in the automotive salvage & recycling industry.
  • Experience with maintaining & troubleshooting heavy equipment included: loaders, hydraulics, forklifts, and more.
  • Bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

Benefits for Full-Time Team Members:

  • Medical Insurance - We offer low-cost medical insurance to our team members and low-cost medical insurance to their additional household members.
  • Dental Insurance - We offer low-cost dental insurance to our team members and their additional household members.
  • Vision Insurance - We offer low-cost vision insurance to our team members and low-cost vision insurance to their additional household members.
  • Life Insurance - We offer FREE life insurance to our team members.
  • 401(k) - Plan for your retirement by participating in our optional, 401K plan. Receive a 100% company match on the first 3% of your contributions and receive a 50% company match on the next 2% of your contributions.
  • Paid Holidays & Vacation - We observe 9 paid holidays, and we provide each full-time team member with paid vacation time which is determined by length of service.
  • On-The-Job Training – A successful team member is a confident team member. We are dedicated to educating our team and providing consistent training and development opportunities.
  • Employee Referral Program – We offer a bonus of $500 to our team members who have successfully referred another team member. Ask for more information on our Employee Referral Program to confirm all qualifications that must be met.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - We offer free confidential employee assistance counseling by video, telephone & face-to-face sessions, or text with a therapist. This covers mental health, financial wellness, health, and lifestyle assessments and much more.

About Pull-A-Part:

Pull-A-Part, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, is an award-winning family business serving the do-it-yourself, used auto parts market. By developing a unique operating system based on customer service and environmental responsibility, Pull-A-Part has transformed what was once thought of as the junkyard into a sustainable recycling business. Founded in 1997, Pull-A-Part operates a network of 36 used auto parts superstores nationwide – 11 of which are recently acquired U Pull & Pay store locations. The company has been acclaimed for outstanding corporate citizenship by federal, state, and local organizations.

The company has made an exceptional commitment to resource conservation, waste reduction and pollution prevention. This orientation allows Pull-A-Part to provide affordable used auto parts to do-it-yourself consumers, while providing high quality scrap metal, fluids, and plastics for recycling. Recycling diverts these materials from the waste stream and helps protect the air, water, and soil from pollution. Learn more at:


To be a good neighbor and steward to the communities that we serve, we are building a team with a strong foundation based on our four core values. The ideal candidate will understand the importance of (and possess) the following characteristics:

  • Respect - Our team has developed a culture where every team member and customer counts! We take time each and every day to show our customers and teammates that we care about their success.
  • Help - Our team members enjoy helping customers solve their automotive needs; help their store achieve daily, weekly, and monthly goals; and help their teammates accomplish their personal work & growth goals!
  • Learn - We continuously train our team members to help them feel more confident in their role--we encourage our team members to ask questions to ensure they have the knowledge and resources available to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Grow - We are an all-inclusive business that supports the growth and development of our team members--we provide opportunities to learn new skills and advance your career.