Cardiac Cath Lab Manager

Job Summary

The Cardiac Cath Lab Manager is responsible for the overall management of the activities of the Cardiac Cath Lab under the direction of the Chief Nursing Officer.  

Duties and Responsibilities:  “Essential Functions” 

  • Establishes written departmental policies, procedures, objectives and quality performance standards to meet the professional requirements of the department.  This is developed in co-operation with the Chief Nursing Officer and practicing invasive cardiologists. 
  • Develops and monitors departmental operational and capital budgets. 
  • Co-ordinates with the Medical Staff matters concerning the type of procedures available; reports findings, handles errors, etc.  Consults with the Chief Nursing Officer concerning technical matters. 
  • Co-ordinates with the Nursing Staff and other department matters regarding requesting procedures, scheduling procedures, and instructions for patient preparation. 
  • Maintains good employee relations and handles grievances and problems following established departmental and hospital policies. 
  • Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with other department managers, medical staff, and co-workers. 
  • Establishes the departmental work routing, workflow patterns, and service priorities to ensure the prompt provision of services. 
  • Recommends and participates in purchases of capital equipment to include the cost of benefit analyses, equipment specifications critiques justification documentation, etc. 
  • Directs marketing and strategic planning for Cardiac Cath Lab. 
  • Maintains, orders, and accounts for supplies and other consumables and/or durable items necessary for the operation of the department. 
  • Continually participates in various committees and teams throughout the Medical Center as a function of continuous quality improvement for the department and the organization. 
  • Counsels and evaluates employees annually, recommends merit and salary increases, and disciplinary actions accordingly. 
  • Designs and monitors forms; consent, information, etc. and writes memos and other correspondences to departments physicians, and various other entities as needed. 
  • Monitors and co-ordinates service and maintenance contracts to ensure all equipment is in good working condition and that necessary repairs are performed promptly. 
  • Develops and maintains a quality assurance program to comply with JACHO standards.  Establishes and monitors departmental safety regulations, monitors compliance with organizational, state and federal (OSHA) safety regulations. 
  • Directs and supervises the maintenance of department records, files, statistical data, and reports. 
  • Monitors productivity and the allocation of the departments and hospitals human and financial resources. 
  • Develops and monitors professional competencies for technical, clerical, and other positions within the department of radiology. 
  • Must continually maintain proficiency in the Cardiac Cath Lab. 
  • Shall function in a supervisory capacity and attitude distinct from a technologist capacity.  Has the responsibility for interpreting actions and decisions of administration and the Cardiologist in a positive manner with the aim of promoting a co-operating and understanding attitude.  The Cardiac Cath Lab Manager shall encourage exemplify, and maintain a positive image of Cardiology and the Hospital. 
  • Accepts individual accountability for cost containment goals of East Ohio Regional Hospital and assures that all patient charges are accurate. 
  • Understands and participates in PI process. 
  • Knowledge of hospital policies on reducing risk of wrong-site, wrong patient, and wrong procedure occurrences. 
  • Understands Emergency Codes, how to call a code and their response to them. 
  • Aware of location and usage of MSDS Manual, EOC Manual, Infection Control Manual. 
  • Follows all radiation safety standards for patients, employees & family members.  Consistently determines pregnancy status of women of child bearing age, before performing exam. 
  • Wears radiation badge as per protocol.  Uses personal protective equipment appropriately and regularly. 
  • Informs and educates patients and families regarding procedure to be performed. 
  • Ascertains patient understanding of process and informed consent.  Ensures consent is signed prior to examination. 
  • Checks patients’ identification before exams by at least two methods. 
  • Documents all medication reactions/infiltrations on appropriate form. 
  • Checks and logs crash cart, warmers and refrigerator on each shift or as required. 
  • Reports all equipment malfunctions and reports to chief tech/manager/director so service can be called using department protocols. 
  • May be required to participate in after-hours uncontrolled standby and call back.  Position may require use of a pager while on duty and while on standby. 
  • Performs other duties as assigned or required. 
  • Refrains from negative comments of any kind where the public or other customers can hear. 
  • Answers the telephone with stating department, name and greeting. 
  • Establishes good rapport and working relationship with coworkers, other hospital staff, physicians and the public. 
  • Observes dress code policy and wears hospital identification as required by our policies and procedures. 


Education and Experience:  

  • Current Ohio license 
  • Current BCLS 
  • Must be familiar with State and Federal regulations. 
  • Advanced Certification or 1 year of cross training in a second modality. 

 Required Skills/Abilities: 

  • Possess the ability to lift, turn, support, move, position and transport radiologic equipment and patients of all weights and ages. 
  • Must be able to see, hear, speak and fully communicate orally and/or written with patients, physicians, and other staff either in person or over the telephone. 
  • Must be able to work effectively with others demonstrating tact, discretion, and diplomacy in all situations. 
  • Must follow directions and perform assigned activities. 
  • Must be capable of working varied schedules. 
  • Must be able to work around blood and body fluids, potentially infectious organisms and a strong magnetic field.