General Manager

Prime Pizza - General Manager

Role & Responsibilities

Big Picture

  • Be the primary decision maker and leader at the restaurant while handling all issues relating to facility, staff, customers, and vendors
  • Lead by example. You are the type of person that people turn to when needed
  • Service and quality are always at the forefront of your mind and in your decision making process
  • Work with owners and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement
  • You are the type that manages from the front and isn’t afraid to do what’s needed when needed

The Nitty Gritty


  • Processing both FOH and BOH hours on a bi-weekly basis, including tips
  • Appropriate on-boarding with all necessary paperwork fed into the system for all new hires
  • People (HR) Management
  • Ability to partner with HR well in advance of any foreseen job openings
  • Create and implement effective and consistent new hire training
  • Understand and implement the employee & candidate life-cycle from interviewing to terminations
  • Eyes on the future. Knows how to groom a replacement and prepared for rapid growth

Vendors & Ordering

  • Maintaining and fostering relationships with vendors to ensure amicable partnership and ensuring consistent supply
  • Create and implement a sustainable ordering system through delegation and owning the process
  • Open and regular communication with kitchen staff to maintain pars and appropriate work-flow
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Create on-going weekly/monthly/quarterly facilities walk-throughs to ensure best methods for maintenance
  • Cleanliness. Always.


  • Be the person that people want to work for. Empathy above all. Ability to listen, react, and implement accordingly based on staff feedback and needs
  • On-going one on one check-ins with staff on a recurring basis. Administering yearly performance reviews for existing employees.
  • Scheduling that meets both the needs of the business as well as the work/life balance of the employees
  • Ensuring consistency across the board with regard to the glorious process of pizza making

Management at the assistant level and above. 1+ year(s) experience

Passion/knowledge/experience in the pizza world

Operations and payroll processing

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