Funeral and Cemetery Support


This position is primarily a customer service and assisting role. It is intended to provide our client families, as well as the funeral and cemetery staff with assistance before, during, and after scheduled services. Funeral and Cemetery Service Support will work under independently as well as under the direction of the Funeral Director, to provide professional funeral and cemetery services for the family of the deceased as outlined below: 


  • Maintain ethical standards and confidentiality 
  • Maintain a professional appearance 
  • Conservative business attire  
  • Men (Suit Jacket, Muted Shirt, Tie for Services) 
  • Women (Muted Colors, Professional Equivalent for Services) 
  • Proper footwear (no open-toed shoes)- suitable for all weather conditions 
  • Company Issued name badge 
  • No visible tattoos or facial piercings 
  • Natural hair color, or coloring 


Funeral Service Support Responsibilities: 

  • Assist Funeral Director at Services 
  • Greet families and guests, direct them to service area and bathroom 
  • Pass out memorial folders, and other handouts 
  • Direct Flowers, Deli-trays, other related items to appropriate location 
  • Help set-up additional chairs (if necessary) 
  • Aide in closing the casket, and moving the casket 
  • Act as casket-bearer as needed 
  • Requested Service-types include: Visitation/Wake, Rosary, Funeral, Memorial, Graveside, etc. 
  • Deliver floral arrangements to locations specified by families following services (home, hospice, etc.) 


Cemetery Support Responsibilities 

  • Confirm gravesite location (at least 1 hour prior to service) 
  • Set and clear route for funeral procession to the grave 
  • Communicate with Cemetery office to determine special requests and if any changes are required 
  • Set up graveside amenities for family (tissues, water, sound equipment, etc.) 
  • Greet service attendees at the cemetery gate & guide procession to the grave 
  • Assist in operation of sound equipment, if necessary 
  • Coordinate with Officiant/family/funeral director to ensure service runs smoothly 
  • Maintain contact with grounds crew throughout service  
  • Collect Burial Transit Permit from funeral director and deliver to cemetery office after the service 
  • Deliver floral arrangements to locations specified by families following services (home, hospice, etc.) 


Maintain a clean & safe work environment 

Light janitorial duties a needed 

Report any hazards or unsafe conditions to supervisor immediately 


Assist others within the organization of Fairmount Memorial Association 

Family Service, Community Service, Grounds 

Pacific Northwest Cremation 

Heritage Funeral Home 


Maintains active, positive role and involvement in community and civic affairs 


Performs other duties as assigned. Job duties are subject to change as directed by management. 




Ability to function and excel in high volume, fast pace environment 

Cooperative, team player, detail-oriented and adaptable to change 

Excellent verbal and interpersonal communication skills  Commitment to customer service and quality  Efficient and dependable; punctual Demonstrate commitment to safety 

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS AND WORK ENVIRONMENT:?Must be able to lift 50 to 75 pounds without assistance and 75 to 200 pounds with assistance, sit or stand for lengthy periods of time, and withstand short periods of exposure to the elements (including rain, snow, sleet, hail, cold and hot days.) For an employee to succeed in this position they will need to be able to interact with bereaved individuals and families in a time of morning while maintaining optimum levels of compassion and professionalism. This position will require the ability to multitask regularly, work independently, adapt to changing schedules, and contribute to problem solving when needed. Fairmount Memorial Association/Heritage Funeral Home promotes a drug/alcohol-free work environment through the use of mandatory pre-employment drug testing, as well as random drug-testing once employed. 

EQUIPMENT/TOOLS: This position requires the frequent use of, and familiarization with, equipment such as Funeral & Service Vehicles (including Hearse and Limousine), Church Trucks, Casket Biers, Flower Stands, Electronic Sound & Video Systems. 

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:? High school diploma or equivalent required. Minimum of 2 years work experience in customer service. Experience in the funeral/cemetery profession preferred.  Valid state driver’s license with insurable driving history.  



Employment with Fairmount Holdings, Inc. is at will, which means that either the employee or the employer is free to terminate the employment relationship at any time with or without reason, advance notice, or warning.  

?  No representative of this organization has the authority to change this at-will relationship except in a specific written agreement declaring such intent and signed by the employee and:  

o The President/CEO of Fairmount Holdings AND  

o The Chairman of the Fairmount Memorial Association Board