Three Oaks, MI Staymaker Bar
Job Type
Full-time, Part-time

Journeyman Bartenders average $28 per hour (annual average of wages and tips)! In case you're curious, if you live in Indiana and work in Michigan, we are just across the border and are a reciprocating tax state with Indiana! No paying double the income tax!

Summer is here and we're eager to meet new team members who share our passion for guest service, constant improvement, ambassadorship, and gritty work ethic. Do you enjoy cocktails crafted with care? Do you enjoy sharing a brand's story while cultivating a unique and memorable guest experience? Have you been looking for a Hospitality position which can grow into a career?

Journeyman Distillery is one of a few select distilleries in the world that is organic, and kosher certified. We have a focus on making premium spirits, and providing our guests with a great experience. Our Bartenders play the role of engaging with each guest - newcomers and loyalists alike - educating, enticing, and lending an ear to find just the right pour or cocktail to suit their fancy.

Basic Function: Ensure that all newly seated guests receive immediate attention, take their orders and serve their food and beverage requests promptly and courteously.

All team members must uphold and embody Journeyman’s Core Values which represent the culture, attitude, and immediate priorities ensuring our cohesion and success.  


  • Having a positive attitude that no challenge is too great
  • Understanding that goals worth pursuing are never easy; that perseverance, grit, and determination are essential to success
  • There is no substitute for grit and putting in the time and effort. Good things will come from those efforts
  • 10,000-hour rule. Malcom Gladwell: it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to be great


  • Excellence is a lifelong pursuit and mastery is an illusion
  • The joy is in the daily work and pursuit of excellence, not in the final destination 
  • A focus on continual improvement and doing our best


  • Treating every customer with the mindset that they are the business’s 1st ever customer
  • Treating customers with authenticity, kindness, warmth, care, friendliness; engaging, helpful and willing to offer a magical experience
  • Clean facilities
  • Being available to the customer and timely responses in any capacity
  • This mindset extends to our vendors, suppliers, partners, and especially our fellow employees
  • Never take the customer or employee for granted 
  • 362 and 59:59+ We are open to our customers 362 days a year and we set an unwavering standard of serving our customers up till the last closing second 59:59+ and beyond if needed.  


  • Taking pride and ownership in your work 
  • Engagement and active participation in your work and company activities
  • Being a positive force in the workplace; creating a culture of positivity 
  • Extending common courtesy to self, employees, vendors, and guests 
  • Being an evangelist and promoter of the company and brand 

At Journeyman Distillery, we believe hard work and dedication deserve to be rewarded. To that end, we provide a comprehensive benefits and incentives package. 

Here’s a peek at what you will receive as a Journeyman employee:

  • Outstanding Growth Opportunity!
  • Paid Time Off – begins accruing on Day 1
  • 401(k) with Employer Match available
  • Medical Insurance – 30+ hours/week
  • Dental, Vision, Life, Supplemental Insurance options – 20+ hours/week
  • Free Monthly Bottle of Spirit (21+)
  • Unlimited $300 Referral Bonuses
  • Loyalty Incentives (ask about our 5-Year Bottle Reward!)
  • 25% Employee Discount
  • Monthly Founders' Tour with Bill and Johanna Welter
  • Annual Employee Putting Competition
  • 3 Annual Employee Parties 
  • Shoes for Crews (Affordable Footwear)


  • Make sure that the bar is clean before opening.
  • Greet all guests with an appropriate and warm greeting.
  • Prepare alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Stay customer focused and nurture an excellent customer experience.
  • Interact with customers, take orders, serve food, and drinks.
  • Be knowledgeable of menus, current selections, and any specials.
  • Assess customer needs and preferences to make recommendations.
  • Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails.
  • Make syrups, juices, prepare kegs, and any other mixers necessary.
  • Contribute input to helping team build cocktail menus.
  • Restock the bar with syrups, liquor, glassware, juices, etc. Make sure that everything is at the bar, and that there are enough backups for shift.
  • Check customer identification to confirm they are above the legal drinking age.
  • Collect empty glasses from the bar.
  • Wash all glassware.
  • Keep bar area clean and wiped for arrival of new guests along with keeping the workspace clean throughout the duration of your shift.
  • Comply with all food and beverage regulations.
  • Uses the proper garnishes, china, glassware and flatware for all food and beverages.
  • Responsible for communicating guest food allergies to the kitchen as you become aware of them.
  • Handle and count cash, make accurate change, record credit cards from guests, as well as member charges, as prescribed by the food and beverage manual.
  • Verify the accuracy of prices, State and Federal taxes, tips and other charges on all guest checks and accurately operate the point of sale system.
  • Maintain responsibility for all guest checks issued and immediately notify your supervisor of any walk-outs.
  • Performing basic cleaning tasks as needed or as directed by supervisor.
  • Filling in for absent staff as needed.
  • Responsible for ensuring work area(s) are stocked with items that will be needed while on shift.
  • Ensure that work stations are properly refilled at the end of every shift.
  • Assist with special events as requested.
  • Handle any problems that might arise both courteously and professionally.
  • Consistently adhere to grooming and appearance standards set by the company.
  • Understand and can communicate to guests our available food and beverage products, as well as Journeyman/Staymaker accommodations and services.
  • Must have some familiarity with basic food prepping procedures and cooking methods.
  • Ability to visually inspect food and beverage orders, read order forms and ensure that orders comply with the customer’s request. 
  • Ability to stand for 6-8 hours  
  • Ability to perform moderate physical work; may be required to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally, up to 30pounds frequently and  up  to  25  pounds  of  food  trays  carrying  over  their  head  constantly  and  performing  such  activities  as  bending,  stooping, kneeling, crouching, climbing, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting and grasping for up to five hours without sitting.