Licensed Independent Clinical Therapist

The Clinical Therapist provides individual, family, and group therapy to clients on an outpatient basis, with the possibility of adult inpatient work.  Performs assessments; oversees screening tools; and utilizes self-rating scales, as necessary.  Creates Treatment Plans and updates them throughout the client’s course of therapy.  As an integral part of the Treatment Team, the Clinical Therapist discusses ongoing issues and reviews accomplished goals.  Documents interventions in a timely and professional manner, focusing on “behavior, intervention, response, and plan”.  Maintains confidentiality; utilizes evidence-based interventions; and implements best-practice protocols.  The Clinical Therapist deals with an array of clients in a confident manner; interacts with community agencies productively; and establishes a Trauma Informed Care atmosphere to promote resiliency.  Emphasis is on clear boundaries, consistency, and feelings-acknowledgement, to assist the client to self-regulate and become mindful of one’s interactions in their environment.


Must possess a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling, or related field. 

Must be independently licensed in the state of Ohio.