Laboratory Coordinator and Chemical Hygiene Officer

Greenville University has an immediate opening for a ten month, 25 hour/week, not benefit eligible. non-tenure track position in the Chemistry Department. Job responsibilities will be distributed according to the outline below.  


- Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Biology or equivalent (with at least two years of college level Chemistry)

- Commitment to serving as a role model for students within a community of Christian scholarship.


Laboratory Coordinator Duties (approximately 10 hours/week)

- Assist with set-up of laboratory exercises.

- Perform weekly calibration and cleaning of balances used in the laboratory.

- Provide make-up lab instruction for students who miss class due to an excused activity or illness.

- Arrange for the cremation of the previous year’s cadaver and the acquisition of a new one. 

Chemical Hygiene Officer Duties (approximately 10 hours/week)

- Maintain the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) and ensure that its requirements are being met.

- Provide chemical safety instruction to all student employees.

- Keep up to date on OHSA/EPA regulations. Verify and improve compliance where necessary.

- Perform at least monthly checks of laboratory eyewashes and personal protection equipment (PPE).

- Perform check of safety showers at least once per semester.

- Maintain personal protective equipment, spill response, and first aid inventory.

- Maintain MSDS files.

- Ensure appropriate Hazard Communication. This includes posting signs communicating hazards as well as making sure MSDS are readily available and things are properly labeled.

- Develop and maintain hazardous chemical inventory.

- Look for ways to improve the safety of the labs and the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

- Maintain DOT/RCRA certification (every other year).

- Arrange for proper disposal of chemical waste.

Other Duties (approximately 5 hours/week)

- Maintain clean and orderly stock rooms and labs. This includes washing glassware as it is brought to the stockroom as well as checking to make sure labs are cleaned up after classes. 

- Participate in monthly Division Meetings.

- Order supplies as needed.

- Contribute to the overall appearance of the Science Building.


The university is located 50 miles east of St. Louis in an attractive residential community of approximately 7,000 people. Greenville University was founded in 1892 and is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church, yet draws students from 40+ denominations. For additional information, please visit our website:

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It is the policy of Greenville University not to discriminate on the basis of age, color, ethnic or national origin, disability, race, gender or prior military service in its educational programs, admissions or employment policies. Greenville University is committed to an environment of cultural and ethnic diversity; women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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