Digital Marketing Specialist II - Full Time

 The Digital Marketing Specialist II will provide content direction, ensure growth, and execute with excellence. This position requires a minimum of two years of prior experience and holds a higher level of responsibility to include working independently, some level of decision making and problem-solving, maintaining day to day oversight of the SMS platform, Harvest at Home content direction, developing SMS promotion, oversight of national audience social media accounts, and ensuring proper function of Harvest at Home live player page, social platforms, and SimpleText. In addition to this, the Digital Marketing Specialist II will be responsible for our online discipleship program and our Chat Moderator team, reporting on KPI’s and ensuring growth. The Digital Marketing Specialist II reports directly to the  Marketing Supervisor. They serve with integrity, honesty, and knowledge that promotes Harvest’s culture, values, and mission. 



  • Utilize prior digital marketing experience to be able to maintain higher levels of responsibility to meet department objectives.
  •  Maintains day to day scheduling of all marketing campaigns. Provide content direction of our Harvest at Home calendar, SMS promotion, and social media direction. 
  • Experience in analytics, interpreting data, review KPI’s and reporting to upper-level management. Using analytics skills to ensure the success of Harvest at Home,   SMS, and our social media accounts. 
  • Provides weekly content direction to Harvest at Home and social media accounts. This person will need to be familiar with Harvest content and brand. 
  • Proven track record in leading multi-channel digital marketing campaigns from start to finish. 
  • Oversight of the Harvest at Home moderator team. Moderators are in the front lines of those who just made a profession of faith. Manages the recruiting, pushes for excellence, aligns with Harvest’s doctrine, and ensures all services are covered.  
  • Strong   Christian background, will oversee our online discipleship program. Familiar with Harvest’s content, brand, and doctrine.
  • Tracks and analyzes marketing campaigns.
  • Created social media campaigns that coincide with Harvest’s national marketing efforts. 
  • Oversight of Simple Text, provides content direction, determines the frequency, and ensures the growth of our SMS audience. 
  • Provides general assistance to various marketing campaigns.
  • Physical requirements, with or without accommodation, include: prolonged   periods of sitting, standing, walking, handling materials, keyboard typing,   hand motion, foot motion, looking at a computer screen, and telephone   communication
  • Duties are not exhaustive and are subject to change at any time.
  • Must be 18 years old or older to apply.

Salary Description
$27.00 - $30.00 Per Hour