General Applicant

At Excelas we work hard to recruit and retain top talent and create an environment that nurtures the passions, careers, and lives of our employees.

We have several key roles for which we hire:

Health Information Specialists

Our health information specialists take great care to organize your records and identify any gaps in documentation. Our credentialed health information managers and technicians are highly skilled and share a passion for organization, detailed work, clinical investigation and solving puzzles—characteristics that drive the important first steps in The Excelas Process.

Medical Legal Analysts

Excelas’ Medical Legal Analysts are among the most highly qualified in the industry. All of our analysts are required to have 8 - 10 years of clinical experience, maintain their skills and knowledge with appropriate continuing education, and go through our extensive, 3 to 6-month on-boarding and training program.

Quality Review Specialists

Excelas’ Quality Review Specialists provide a final check of our work products before we deliver them to the client. Our team has a diverse background of experience and education that spans a variety of fields. They share a passion for detailed work, editing, quality review, and a love of reading, which means they are dedicated to the task at hand, making sure you get accurate, concise and error-free reports.

We also hire for general business roles - IT, HR, Finance, and Client Support roles.


We recruit professionals based on many criteria, including a proven track record in their fields. A candidate's character is also important, and he or she must demonstrate a high level of integrity, flexibility, and accountability.

**Applicants must be based in states where Excelas, LLC has an existing presence: Ohio, New York, and North Carolina. 

Excelas, LLC. is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.