Community Mental Health Case Manager

 The Community Mental Health Case Manager (CMHCM) provides case management services to clients in-home and through outpatient services. The focus is on managing mental health and substance use issues, as well as social support needs of those individuals. Emphasis is on being reliable, systematic, and flexible.  The CMHCM assists persons with severe mental illness to acquire material resources and to improve their psychosocial functioning. Once this occurs and continues, the goal is to provide support to keep the individuals involved in community life; to encourage growth toward greater autonomy; to develop coping skills to meet ongoing community demands; and to ensure continuity of care, among treatment agencies. Key purposes of such interventions by the CMHCM, are to improve outcomes; reduce hospitalizations; and prevent loss of contact with necessary services. Documents interventions with clients and keeps detailed records. 


 Must have prior experience with CMHCM services. Must possess a high school diploma, or an Associates, Bachelors, or Masters Degree in the field of behavioral health.