Substance Abuse Counselor - Fee for Service
Philadelphia, PA Health and Homeless Services


1. Provides regular outpatient (OP), intensive outpatient (IOP) and Suboxone medication assisted treatment services.
2. Facilitates, up to two (2) one (1) hour individual therapy sessions twice per week and two (2), two (2) hour psychotherapy/psychoeducational group therapy sessions per week. Documents and files each session in the client’s record within 24 hours of date of service.
3. Completes intake, BHSI and PCPC forms as required.
4. Works in collaboration with the client to complete the biopsychosocial assessment.
5. Reviews intake admission forms on each client to verify that all documentation and data are complete and in compliance with APM, city, state, and federal regulations. Obtains any missing data to ensure compliance and success of the therapeutic effort.
6. Participates with the client in the initial and ongoing development of recovery plan goals and objectives ensuring the plan is completed within the program guidelines.
7. Ensures that all recovery plans are observable and measurable, using client centered language.
8. Enforces rules and regulations of the program and those of the Probation/Parole Unit, where applicable.
9. Makes referrals to appropriate levels of care based on clinical observations of client’s condition.
10. Maintains strong interagency community, multidisciplinary and government agencies relationships.
11. Maintains ongoing communication with other community treatment facilities, primary care physicians, hospitals, schools, multidisciplinary units, and Probation/Parole officers, the Forensic Intensive Recovery (FIR) unit, etc. as necessary.
12. Maintains a caseload of 35 or more active clients per month.
13. Participates in meetings with the agency interdisciplinary team as clinically necessary.
14. Documents the results of the case consultations and implements the recommended therapeutic changes to each client case.
15. Attends Directory meetings as required.
16. Attends and participates in scheduled in-service training, seminars, workshops or conferences while maintaining the state required 25 training hours per year.
17. Updates and reviews client charts.
18. Provides Clinical Director with a weekly schedule, due every Friday by 12 noon (this schedule can be submitted via agency email). Any major changes in the schedule will be reported immediately.
19. Monitors and manages the therapeutic services for clients beginning with the intake process, biopsychosocial assessment and the completion of the aftercare planning. Modifications are made based on person centered needs.
20. Works closely with the Clinical Director and assists with client outreach efforts.
21. Follows instructions and keeps in compliance with the agency’s policy and procedure on client confidentiality and ethical practices.
22. Completes CBH required trainings within three (3) months of engagement and yearly thereafter.
23. Provides updated FBI, PA criminal background, and child abuse clearances within the first 90 days of engagement.
24. Completes CPSL certificate training before starting.
25. Performs other program related duties as assigned by the Clinical Director.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in the human services or related field with a minimum of 1 year work experience with clients in a rehabilitation, social services, mental health or related services.
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish).
  • Proficiency in the DAP documentation
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word
  • Experience in facilitating psychotherapeutic groups
  • Working with medication managed populations
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • CAC, CDAC licensed or qualified