Resource Parent Support Worker Bi-lingual, preferred

Job purpose

The RPSW worker ensures that Resource Parents (RP) receive training, support, and consultation necessary for them to effectively meet the needs of the child or youth in their home. The RPSW ensures that the resource home is loving, stable, trauma-informed, and culturally competent for the care all children and youth, as well as to provide supports that serve to facilitate permanency youth.

Duties and responsibilities

  • RPSW must participate in supervision at least bi-weekly
  • RPSW maintains a maximum case load of 17 homes
  • RPSW must complete 40 hours of training in the first year and 20 annually thereafter
  • RPSW must perform initial and quarterly home inspections that may include children or youth, if they are home
  • RPSW must provide face-to-face support to RPs at a minimum of one time per month, with more frequent and intense contacts for new placements and during periods of crisis
  • RPSW must provide initial, in-person contact with RP within 3 business days of child being placed in the home
  • RPSW must ensure that the RP is communicating with the bio parent(s) at least once per month
  • RPSW must review RP documentation for content and timeliness
  • RPSW must attend placement stability meetings and assist the RP to develop and implement strategies to resolve issues or other challenges that could ultimately jeopardize placement stability or the child or youth’s well-being
  • RPSW may be required to attend teaming meetings and coordinate with the CUA Case Manager (CM) to provide updates on RP progress with child/youth and overall stability in the home
  • RPSW must assist to develop and support activities that may be designated for the caregiver to perform on the Single Case Plan (SCP), in collaboration with CUA
  • RPSW must support RP with developing plan to meet transportation needs of child and youth, as necessary
  • RPSW must maintain documentation of supports and interventions provided to RP and ensure that substitute care-giving is in place with up-to-date clearances and child care services
  • RPSW must ensure RP completes annual training
  • RPSW must conduct notification of rights and grievance procedures with child/youth and maintain consent for treatment on file
  • RPSW must ensure RP remains compliant according to PA chapter 3700
  • RPSW may be required to attend court hearings
  • RPSW must always use the approach “See Something- Say Something- Do Something”
  • RPSW must notify management and CUA of any safety concerns/incidents, taking immediate action to ensure the child or youth’s safety
  • Other duties as assigned to support the mission of Pradera


APM is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.




  • RPSW must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology or related field
  • Minimum of one year of experience providing services to children, youth or families in a behavioral health setting
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearances, Pennsylvania Criminal Record Clearance, Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), Medical Examination
  • Computer savvy, familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Knowledge of PA Chapter 3700 preferred, but not required

Working conditions

  • Office
  • Field/Community
  • Court, visitation, teamings, if invited