Staff Pharmacist-PRN

Under the supervision of the Director of Pharmacy, staff pharmacists perform all duties necessary to provide for the effective daily operation of departmental services and programs. Staff pharmacists are responsible for all aspects of pharmaceutical care throughout the hospital including safe drug distribution and security; appropriate medication selection and use; and collaboration with healthcare providers and ancillary staff. Staff pharmacists supervise technicians, students, and intern in all work areas as assigned. All activities must be performed in accordance with established policies and procedures along with federal and state laws and regulations


  • Safely coordinate the preparation, storage, labeling, and dispensation of all unit dose medication.
  • Interpret medication orders and maintain accurate medication profiles.
  • Display knowledge of safe practices related to high-risk and look alike sound alike medications.
  • Review all medication orders for accuracy, appropriateness, drug allergies, drug interactions, duplicate therapies, and incompatibilities to ensure the best patient care.
  • Assist in the review, thoroughness, and accuracy of patient medication history and discharge medication reconciliation.
  • Check Pyxis restocking bins prior to delivery to patient care areas to ascertain that the correct drug, dosage form, schedule, and strength is being dispensed.
  • When necessary, prepare sterile IV admixtures and extemporaneous parenteral products under aseptic conditions using established sterile compounding guidelines.
  • Collaborate, answer questions, and provide information to physicians, nurses, patients, and other healthcare professionals on the appropriate use of medications, drug interactions, side effects, dosage, storage, etc.
  • Maintain established procedures concerning quality control, security of controlled substances, and proper disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.
  • Verify orders as outlined in approved policies and procedures.
  • Perform therapeutic drug monitoring, therapeutic interchanges, lab value ordering, and pharmacy managed dosing protocols.
  • Assist in monitoring and reporting of practices related to adverse drug events and medication errors.
  • Accurately compound, label, and dispense medications to patients.
  • Assist in the coordination, planning, and supervision of the day to day department operations including technicians, in accordance with established hospital policies and procedures, accepted standards of practice, and applicable federal and state laws.
  • Participate in performance and quality improvement activities by collecting data and making relevant clinical recommendations.
  • Monitor patient profiles to assess drug therapy for appropriateness and safety consistent with a high level of patient care, including range of dosing, drug allergies, drug interactions, and polypharmacy.
  • Review adverse drug reactions and medication errors, communicate occurrence with physician, and counsel patients when necessary.
  • Communicate effectively with physicians and nurses, either verbally with read back and/or in a clear precise written order.
  • Assure that each patient profile contains accurate and appropriate demographic data (weight, height, allergies, reactions, etc.)
  • Serve as liaison between the pharmacy department, medical staff, and other hospital personnel on matters pertaining to drug distribution, drug therapy, and pharmacy policies and procedures.
  • Continually collaborate and communicate with Director of Pharmacy to ensure and improve upon departmental quality and efficiency.
  • Accept responsibility for resolving immediate problems in pharmacy service, patient complaints, procedural issues among support staff, drug procurement and distribution, drug furnishing irregularities, emergencies, etc.
  • Document all clinical activities and interventions accurately and completely.
  • Record controlled substance dispensations to state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.
  • Maintain security and cleanliness of pharmacy department.
  • Remove and safely sequester all outdated, damaged, and recalled medications.
  • Complete all required ongoing hospital education and licensure continuing education requirements.
  • Collaborate with other pharmacists on task completion and training of new pharmacy employees.
  • Understand and comply with all hospital-wide policies and procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned or required.

  • Must be graduate of an accredited pharmacy college recognized by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE).
  • Prior hospital pharmacy experience or completion of accredited American Society of Health System Pharmacists residency preferred, but not required.
  • Must hold and maintain a valid Ohio Board of Pharmacy license to practice pharmacy.
  • Experience in unit dose distribution and IV admixture.
  • Current Healthcare Worker BLS and ACLS certification preferred.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Pharmaceutical knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to all patient and age populations.
  • Ability to act independently and analyze information accurately.
  • Quality focus and attention to detail.
  • Clear and effective verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills.
  • Strong computer skills to include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and hospital electronic database and programs.
  • Highly motivated and willing to assume additional jobs and duties as needed.
  • Flexible to accommodate for needs during accreditation surveys, inspections, or other unscheduled events.

Physical Requirements:

  • Frequent sitting 3-6 hours per day
  • Frequent standing 3-6 hours per day
  • Occasional hand and wrist deviations (side to side and up and down) 3-6 hours per day
  • Occasional lifting up to 50 pounds with assistance
  • Close eye work with normal color discrimination
  • Occasional (<3 hours per day) exposure to hazardous chemicals (ex. Latex) or infections
  • Frequent (3-6 hours per day) handling of hazardous and non-hazardous drug products