Full-Time Front Desk/Tenant Assistant 3 - Duluth
THIS IS A FULL-TIME POSITION WITH BENEFITS!Health, Dental, Life, Long-Term Disability insurance, paid Sick and VacationStarting at $15.00 per hour


The Front Desk/Tenant Assistant-3 position actively participates in carrying out the mission of CCHC by providing direct support to tenants of supportive housing buildings serving formerly homeless single adults often with mental health issues and/or substance use disorders. The Front Desk/Tenant Assistant-3 position is responsible for operating the front desk/entry point for the housing program. The Front Desk/Tenant Assistant-3 provides services as a member of a team and supports the program goals based on "Housing First" and "Harm Reduction" philosophies. This person also provides safe tenant transportation using company-owned vehicle. This position is responsible for scheduling and maintaining front desk staff schedules which includes occasionally covering shifts for staff who are not able to work.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Understand "Housing First" and "Harm Reduction" philosophies and apply as needed.

2. Schedule and maintain front desk staff schedules which includes finding coverage for call-ins and occasionally covering shifts for staff who are not able to work.

3. Function as the first point of contact with which tenants, guests, suppliers, i, and others interact when accessing the premises.

4. Responsible for controlling and granting admittance into the building, directing those who enter to correct areas, monitoring people’s activities addressing unauthorized entry requests or inquiries.

5. Establish and enhance positive relationships with tenants, co-workers, and others.

6. Resolve issues of controversy that may arise and enforce house rules. This position maintains a safe secure environment and actively communicates with tenants to assist them with daily needs.

7. Engage in daily interactions with tenants and team members that support housing stability.

8. Receive direction from building lead staff and follow through with assigned tasks.

9. Engage tenants to assist them with daily needs, requests, issues, and provide appropriate direction, including welfare checks as directed by program.

10. Maintain accurate logs including entry/exit and documentation particular to each program site.

11. Actively log, verbally communicate and document tenant needs/activities as required.

12. Safely transport tenants using company vehicle(s).

13. Respond to building alarms, emergencies, and disturbances in an appropriate and timely manner.

14. Respond to and resolve issues of controversy that may arise between tenants and/or guests using Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Strategies.

15. Manage difficult tenant issues by de-escalating potentially volatile situations and seeking additional help, including police assistance, as needed.

16. Clean lobby and common areas of the building.

17. Attend and participate in staff meetings and training opportunities.

18. As directed by program, assist with tenant medication safe keeping plan.

19. Understand that position demands twenty-four hour coverage and supervisor reserves the right to adjust scheduled shifts as needed.


Preferred Experience:

This position requires a person who is self-motivated with the ability to work independently and as a member of a team to carry out job duties. This position requires a person who has interpersonal skills necessary to tactfully deal with tenants and the general public professionally. The person in this position will need to work effectively with people who are inebriated and/or have active mental health issues. This position requires a high school diploma/GED or equivalent. This person must pass and maintain Minnesota Background Study clearance and possess a driver's license acceptable to CCHC insurance provider. Must have dependable transportation to and from work.

Essential Skills:

• Ability to read, analyze, complete documentation and communicate through speaking, listening, and writing effectively with tenants and outside agencies

• Demonstrate the ability of basic computer skill to log information and maintain information systems

• Vision that allows him/her to monitor video cameras

• Ability to maintain confidentiality

• Skill in establishing and maintaining positive relationships with diverse tenants and staff

• Available to respond to occasional property or tenant emergencies

• Sensitivity and effectiveness when dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and with special needs

• This person should have physical capabilities that allow him/her to complete routine cleaning tasks

• Regular attendance and punctuality with the ability to abide by the agency mandatory staffing plan

Physical Demands:

Must be able to safely navigate stairs, bend, squat, kneel, reach overhead, push/pull 15 pounds, and occasionally lift up to 50 pounds.

Center City Housing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, creed, sexual orientation/identity/expression, marital status or familial status.