CrossFit Precision Care - Care Coordinator
Fully Remote Off Site
Job Type

CrossFit Precision Care is a new healthcare offering for the CrossFit community, by doctors and health coaches who take a different approach to health - rooted in lifestyle, longevity, data and optimization.  Care is delivered to cohorts of patients by pods which each include a Physician, Health Coaches, and a Care Coordinator.

General Job Description:

The Care Coordinator needs to be a motivated and upbeat individual who communicates well and is comfortable leading others. This position will require customer service expertise, flexibility, problem solving skills, and an excellent work ethic. We are looking for a driven, accountable, and confident individual to join the CrossFit Precision Care team in this role.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the Health Coaches and the Physician in your pod team
  • Conduct the onboarding process for new patients, including completing add-on orders and welcome phone calls
  • Collect and incorporate feedback from patients and team members to problem solve and run the pod effectively 
  • Handle patient communication via email, messaging, and phone calls to answer any questions or concerns

Minor Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure scheduling is efficient
  • Assist with test orders, referrals, prior authorizations, and medication refills

Meet the Team:

As a Care Coordinator, you will be managing a group of Health Coaches as well as a Physician. This will require daily communication and organization.

  • Health Coaches – This role frequently interacts with patients through consults and messaging. Health Coaches gather information from patients, guide them between appointments, and act on Physician’s recommendations.
  • Physician – This role provides medical care for our patients, including diagnosing and treating acute and chronic medical conditions, ordering and reviewing labs and tests, and providing referrals.

A Day in the Life:

Care Coordinators have a variety of tasks that they are responsible for carrying out each day. Patient communication must be maintained through multiple platforms (such as email, messaging, and phone calls). Care Coordinators may provide pricing on labs or test kits, assist with scheduling, and complete referrals or orders. Additionally, Care Coordinators are tasked with onboarding all new patients that are delegated into their pod. This entails completing add-on orders, sending welcome emails, pairing patients with an appropriate Health Coach, scheduling and completing welcome phone calls, as well as facilitating scheduling in a timely manner.

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Customer service experience
  • CF-L1 Trainer
  • Actively participating in CrossFit
  • Personal computer/ability to work remotely
  • Ability to complete some training prior to full time start date (a few hours/week)
  • Management experience
  • Proficient in Excel and Word