Teacher of Deaf
Job Type

The Early Intervention Teacher reports to the Early Intervention Coordinator and the Director of Clarke Pennsylvania Auditory/Oral Center.  The Early Intervention Teacher will be responsible for therapy and Toddler Group activities, parent support and training. 

Therapy Responsibilities:

  • To create an environment which fosters independence, confidence, creativity, respect for materials and the people in the environment and is conducive to enjoyment in learning.
  • To facilitate children’s interaction with a curriculum that is child-centered, based on the basic principles of child development
  • To provide a comfortable, supportive environment for parents in which they are respected, encouraged to observe their children, and supported in their efforts to parent their hearing-impaired children.
  • To observe children and record information related to all aspects of the child’s developmental profile to be used later in quarterly reports.
  • To maximize opportunities for auditory, speech and language learning.
  • To facilitate children’s communication and ensure carryover of activities from therapy into daily life.
  • The role of the Early Intervention Teacher is primarily one of facilitator, diagnostician and observer.

On-to-One Responsibilities:

  • To engage individual and small groups, on a daily basis, in activities that contribute to the development of auditory and spoken language skills.
  • To provide diagnostic information about auditory and spoken language skills of hearing-impaired infants and toddlers using formal tests, diagnostic teaching and observation.
  • To provide a comfortable, supportive environment for parents in which they are respected, encouraged to observe their children in the individualized sessions, and supported in their efforts to communicate with their hearing-impaired children.
  • To educate parents and provide them with follow-up activities which will enhance the development of their child’s communication skills.

Meetings and Planning:

  • Participate in regular meetings of the Early Intervention team to plan activities as dictated by the developmental needs and interests of the children.
  • Attend IFSP meetings.
  • Attend Professional Staff meetings  or view the videotaped meetings with all Clarke Pennsylvania staff, commensurate with the percentage of FTE as schedule permits.
  • Attend all Parent Support meetings and Clarke sponsored events.

Written Plans and Reports:

  • Therapy lesson plans will be kept to ensure that information is available to professionals working in the classroom or in therapy and to provide documentation.  Lesson plans and data from individual sessions also will be kept on a daily basis.
  • Contribution to the hearing-impaired children’s IFSP/IEPs will be in the form of supplying goals and objectives in the areas of audition, speech, language, cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development.
  • Write and submit quarterly reports, complete session notes, etc after each meeting with the family.

  • An educational background and experience in early childhood education
  • Masters Degree in Deaf Education 
  • Training and expertise in auditory/oral education of hearing-impaired children,
  • Speech and language pathology and/or experience in parent counseling is preferred but not necessary