Early Childhood Teacher - Full Time
Job Type

Reporting Relationships: Reports directly to the administrative staff of the academy, ie. The Director, Assistant Director and/or Director on Site.

Summary of Primary Functions: The teacher is responsible for adhering to the guidelines set by the Department of Children and Family Services, the educational component and any other accreditation requirements for the specific program.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provides a safe and healthy environment that follows the licensing standards set by DCFS, the educational component, the job functions evaluation and any other standards specific to the program.

• Arranges physical space into learning centers with a variety of materials rotated frequently with the children’s materials separate from teacher supplies.

• Provides active and quiet areas within the classroom.

• Provides and individual labeled space for each child.

• Places dangerous items such as chemicals, sharp scissors and cleaning solutions out of children’s reach.

• Ensures that the children are under proper supervision at all times.

• Eats with the children and provides appropriate discussion at mealtimes.

• Interacts with children and adults in a positive manner.

• Ensures that all documentation and individualization takes place in a timely manner.

• Completes all assessments (prescreening evaluations observations, check-lists) as well as maintaining an individual portfolio for each child.

• Completes a Skill Check-list Report for each child three times a year in the fall, winter and spring.

• Schedules and conducts Parent-Teacher Conferences twice a year, winter and spring.

• Participates in any educational staffing meeting and prepares notes based on observations and assessments of the child in advance.

• Provides a balance of curriculum that encourages social and cultural awareness and exploration, predicting and testing behaviors, choices of at least seven different learning center activities, large and small group activities, and individualized activities.

• Is a team member and effective model; sets up written systems for sharing responsibilities amongst the team including but not limited to room maintenance and paperwork.

• Participates in team meetings at least once a month or more often as needed with academy administration.

• Annually participates in at least 25 hours of ongoing training (5 hours must be Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Registry approved) as required by DCFS and any accrediting body.

• Maintains or applies for Illinois Gateways to Opportunity ECE credential.

• Plans activities and methods for keeping parents interested and involved in their child’s development.

• Provides a curriculum based on the Illinois Early Learning Standards and integrates all components of the lesson plan including emotional, social and physical development.

• Adapts curriculum to meet the individual needs of all children including those with special needs.

• Works with the team in planning the daily routine.

• Identifies any areas of weakness and requests assistance that will improve performance in position.

• Works with team to regularly review the educational component of the program and recommendations for improvement.

• Works to improve and encourage parent involvement.

• Works to ensure appropriate child care safety, health and nutritional standards.

• Performs other related duties as assigned form time to time by center administrative staff.



• Must be at least 19 years of age.

• High School Diploma or G.E.D.

• 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours or credits from an accredited college or university with 6 semester or 9 quarter hours in courses directly related to child care, early childhood and/or child development from birth to age 6 or

• One year (1560 clock hours) of child development experiences in a nursery school, kindergarten, or licensed day care center with six semester hours or nine quarter hours in courses related to child care and/or child development from birth to age six; or

• Completion of credentialing programs approved by DCFS such as Child Development Associate (CDA) or Child Care Professional (CCP) with the understanding that the teacher will be participating in classes leading to an associates or baccalaureate degree program (NAEYC teacher qualifications).

• Required paperwork relevant to DCFS and the Norridge Park District must be on file.

• DCFS background check required.

Personal and Programmatic

• Emotional maturity when working with children.

• Cooperation with the purposes and services of the program.

• Respect for children and adults.

• Flexibility, understanding and patience.

• Listening skills, availability and responsiveness to children.

• Sensitivity to children’s socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds and individual needs and capabilities.

• Use of positive discipline and guidance techniques.

• Ability to provide an environment in which children can feel comfortable, relaxed, happy and involved in play recreation and other activities.

• Skills to help children meet their developmental and emotional needs.

• Skills in planning, directing and conducting activities that meet the child’s basic and educational needs.

• Ability to communicate effectively and clearly in speech and writing.

Physical Constraints Required Include:

• To hear the conversational voice with or without a hearing aid.

• The ability to see and read newsprint with or without corrective lenses.

• To speak and be understood under normal circumstances.

• To lift and carry children and items weighing up to 50 pounds.

• The use of arms, hands, legs and feet with or without corrective devices to accomplish the job including the evacuation of the building during emergencies.