Graduate Assistantship in Student Success

Responsibilities (Include but not limited to)

• Assist in administering the Early Alert System in responding to students who are struggling.

• Serve as a Student Success coach for 25 students

• Serve as an assistant for a foundational writing course in August.

• Help facilitate the first-year experience through working with New Student Orientation and the First Year Experience course

• Manage the academic coaching program

• Communicate with athletes and connect them to support services such as tutoring, academic coaching and career services.

• Serve as a liaison between Student Success and Athletics

• Assist in supervising and coordinating the tutoring program

• Other duties as assigned by the Dean of Student Success and First Year Experience

• Create and facilitate events to promote Student Success 


Term/Time Commitment

• Two academic years commitment (Renewal for each semester is based on satisfactory performance) (Some evening and weekend work required)

• This is a 9-month contract (excluding winter break) over two academic semesters (Fall and Spring)

• For year one, the expected start date is August 1st and expected end date is May 31, 2018 with a winter break.  Year two will have consistent dates.

Reports to

Associate Vice President of Community Life and Dean of Student Success


• Bachelor’s Degree and concurrent enrollment in a full-time, graduate level, higher education program.

• Interest and experience in student academic support and service

• Graduate Assistant may not hold a full-time job.  Other part-time employment, in or outside the university, must be approved by both supervisors.

Compliance with College Standards.  

All Greenville College employees acknowledge the unique Wesleyan, evangelical, and Protestant mission of the College, a community in which Christian faith is of central importance.  Employees agree to promote the College's Mission (as set out in the Mission Statement); its Philosophy of Education and GC Student Learning Outcomes, support its Theological Assumptions and comply with the behavioral aspects of the Lifestyle Statement (collectively, the College Standards).


The university is located 50 miles east of St. Louis in an attractive residential community of approximately 7,000 people. Greenville University was founded in 1892 and is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church, yet draws students from 40+ denominations. For additional information, please visit our website:

It is the policy of Greenville University not to discriminate on the basis of age, color, ethnic or national origin, disability, race, gender or prior military service in its educational programs, admissions or employment policies. Greenville University is committed to an environment of cultural and ethnic diversity; women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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