Physical Therapy Assistant
Clarksville, TN Physical Therapy
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An important part of TOA's comprehensive services is our Physicial Therapy program, and an essential element of the program success is our Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) role. Being a PTA at TOA allows for a direct working relationship with a large group of physicians with differing specializations treating diverse patient populations of varying ages, medical conditions, and functional levels. The PTA maintains TOA's high standard of patient satisfaction, exhibits our focus on teamwork and collaboration, and meets the goal of providing excellent care to the patient and families we serve

  • Perform quality daily treatment for patients with a variety of orthopaedic conditions
  • Make assessments and observations of the patients’ abilities and tolerance to treatment, to assist the supervising physical therapist with developing treatment plans
  • Conduct frequent updates with physical therapists, physicians, and patients - communicating information regarding treatment, assessment, and progression of treatment of patients
  • Assist physical therapist in accommodating patient needs for scheduling and treatment.
  • Provide timely, thorough documentation, progress notes, and functional reports required by insurance providers.
  • Complete charging for services and supplies accurately, and indicated through matching documentation of services.
  • Adhere to Federal and State regulatory laws and rules, and adhere to all service guidelines and accepted practices. - ensuring we are providing optimal care
  • A graduate of an accredited program in the therapy discipline. Must possess or be eligible for State of Tennessee licensure in that disciple. and possess a current certification in CPR.
  • Caring, compassionate, independent, and determined
  • Strong communicators, with strong verbal and oral skills when interacting with patients, physicians, and supervising physical therapists
  • Efficient and effective time management to balance patient care and documentation needs
  • Able to adapt to varying treatment plans and techniques from different supervising physical therapists
  • Experienced with the assessment and progression of treatment when assisting supervising physical therapists in the development of treatment plans.
  • Well versed in a variety of orthopaedic conditions, surgical procedures, and appropriate protocol/treatment progression
  • Experienced with varying techniques of therapeutic interventions, modalities, and manual therapies to treat patients with a variety of conditions.

TOA is an equal opportunity employer. TOA conducts drug screens and background checks on applicants who accept employment offers