Service Administrator

Carbon Activated Corporation, which is headquartered near Los Angeles and has a Service Center near Stockton, CA, is seeking a Service Administrator to look after our operation in Stockton.


Experience in supervision is required, this is a great opportunity for someone with experience leading a team.  You will be asked to set an example of working hard, and to hold others accountable to tight deadlines.


We will train you how to do the job by working alongside professionals who take their job seriously. This position requires maximizing safety while simultaneously demanding efficiency from the entire team. Our business is selling activated carbon for water and air treatment, so anyone from those industries would be an ideal fit.

This person will wear a lot of hats. Sometimes you'll be asked to help with driving the forklift or other physical work, also sales, paperwork, organization, scheduling, etc. Every day will be different!


- Experience Driving a Forklift

- Experience in Water Treatment is a plus

- Supervision or Administration Experience

- Sales Experience is a plus

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