Customer Service:

  • Welcome all customers with a smile and warm greeting.
  • Maintain awareness of customers and greet within 10 seconds.
  • Create a personalized experience for all customers. Engage in conversation that goes beyond normal formalities .
  • Know customer names and drinks, working hard to develop customer relationships 30 seconds at a time.
  • Maintain a friendly, outgoing, helpful, and happy demeanor with all customers.
  • Work with a sense of urgency.
  • Consistently inform customers of all new items and promotions.
  • Look for creative ways to upsell add-on items (flavor, whipped cream, extra shots, etc.).
  • Be aware of inventory that needs to be sold and work hard to sell it.

Quality Drink Making:

  • Know the full extent of Ridge Coffee’s menu and consistently make each drink with care according to the recipe.
  • Work quickly and efficiently when making drinks.
  • Consistently pay attention to espresso shot times and steam perfect milk according to the drink ordered.
  • Pay attention to the details of drink presentation, creating the best product for each customer.
  • Know the coffee and where it is from.
  • Understand the meanings and significance of Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee

Teamwork & Cleanliness:

  • Be a team player.
  • Show up to shift with a great attitude.
  • Remain respectful, considerate, and supportive of all team members.
  • Set fellow baristas up for success.
  • Work hard and have fun with team on shift.
  • Complete Daily and Weekly shift duties.
  • Maintain a clean and organized workspace behind the counter.

Policies & Procedure:

  • Arrive promptly to every shift, 5 minutes before shift start so that you are prepared for work fully when you clock-in.
  • Maintain a professional and clean appearance by arriving in dress code with a clean and correct apron.
  • Be aware of all Barista Updates, New Merchandise Updates, and Store Updates from your Manager.
  • Count your drawers with care and strive for 100% accuracy in all cash handling.
  • Be knowledgeable of all discount policies