Lead Barista

Customer Service:

  • Build strong customer relationships and teach the staff to do the same.
  • Model and teach baristas how to provide a great Coffee Ridgel experience i.e. know customer name and drink.


  • The Lead’s primary focus is to oversee increase in store sales.
  • Pursue excellent product knowledge and selling.
  • Responsible for making sure each barista has excellent product knowledge and upselling skills.
  • Oversee Point of Sale signs
  • Food Update and Trackers from all applicable vendors


  • Responsible for deposits on allocated days.
  • Responsible for conveying staffing needs to Director of Food and Beverage. Director will have a schedule up in the store and updated 3 weeks in advance at all times.
  • Complete checklists in Manager Notebook on allocated admin days
  • Ensure all cash handling and cash register functions are performed in an accurate and consistent manner.
  • Responsible for making sure that someone on Management Team is on call every day the store is open. Together, they will ensure the Baristas will know who to call for any emergency
  • Attend Staff meeting when they are scheduled.
  • Attend scheduled Company Manager Trainings and Events.
  • Help with emergency shift coverage.
  • Responsible for getting receipts, etc. to Director of F&B weekly
  • Responsible for organization and cleanliness of store
  • Regarding inventory, Lead will let barista team know if anything is running low.
  • Lead need to be available over the holidays, i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Team Management:

  • Build an upbeat and friendly store atmosphere for staff.
  • Equip the team with what they need to be successful baristas and will continually oversee barista performance. Does your team:
  • Know the mission?
  • Make quality drinks consistently?
  • Know names and drinks of regulars?
  • Educate customers about Jacob’s Well product?
  • Know how to up sell cash cards and product? Etc.
  • Completely fill out daily checklists?
  • Check on cleanliness and barista performance each time s/he is in the store.
  • If a barista needs to be let go, Lead will communicate with Director of B&O to ensure a strong and fair process.
  • Responsible for training, and overseeing progress of new baristas.
  • Schedule and run Individual Store Meetings as designated in Yearly Planning Calendar.

Store Presentation and Maintenance:

  • Carefully monitor the daily and weekly shift checklist to ensure each Barista is performing at the highest level possible. Lead must learn each duty and develop employee instructions as needed.
  • Follow and fill out Monthly Store Maintenance Sheet / Issues Log in Notebook
  • Oversee store product display


  • Hourly Pay: $15.50 starting. After 30 day review possible raise to $16. Tips after “training period “ and structured quarterly bonus when qualified
  • Hours 25-40/weekly. Overtime is not available
  • Report To: Director of Food and Beverage