ISP Deployment Technician – Cable MSO
Southeast US

The ISP Deployment Technician will be expected to professionally deploy equipment and services that exceed customer expectations. The job function will be working daily in a cable facility to deploy services and to support node split activity, DOCSIS CMTS installation, regional area networks, video, and other projects as assigned. Work closely with team members and customer operations to gather information for install packages and elevating the team’s knowledge base on best practices for deployment of Fiber, Coax, CAT6, network equipment, DC powering and safety.

  • Capable of deploying industry leading integration services and customer support that exceed expectations 
  • Ability to work with customer teams to support cutovers and change management 
  • Identifying various types of installation tools, their applications, and safe usage
  • Familiar with headend cabinet/rack wire designs and layouts 
  • Addition or removal of non-powered equipment / hardware as directed 
  • Knowledge of proper equipment racking & grounding 
  • Knowledge of proper cable lacing, not to damage wiring
  • Coax/Ethernet/fiber installation, dressing, connectorized 
  • DOCSIS CMTS installation, wiring and configuration
  • Working knowledge of cable related RF combining networks
  • Addition or removal of wiring and connections on non-working equipment 
  • Adhere to proper disposal practices for both equipment/wiring
  • Cable continuity testing, documentation, and quality control
  • Basic DC power installation
  • Situational understanding of job and awareness to plan accordingly 
  • Provide and review work assignments with team members
  • Prepare Change management documentation and ability to write Method of Procedure (MOP) 
  • Resolve issues with job documentation 
  • Help to develop Reporting & QA processes
  • Perform software additions or upgrades as required
  • Testing and turn-up of all equipment
  • Design & Engineering capabilities
  • Power transition work
  • Battery addition or removal
  • Addition or removal of circuits on working power distribution sources
  • Knowledge of safety requirements both internal and external
  • Experience: 5+ years of CATV ISP deployment, or relevant job experience. Relevant job experience is described as job experience in similar industry or job experience with similar essential duties.
  • Ability to read designs and install packages .
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills for interacting with team members and management.
  • Education Level: High School/GED and Technical Degree or equivalent training.
  • SCTE training & certifications.
  • Advance equipment installation, configuration, and turn-up certifications are a plus .
  • Travel required to work location(s).
  • Outside Plant construction/design/engineering is a plus.
  • Must hold a valid driver’s license and satisfactory driving record.
  • Criminal background check and drug screening required.