Axe Bat Product & Quality Intern
Kent, WA Product
Job Type

The Product & Quality Intern will be a member of the Product and Quality Assurance team. The objective of this internship is to provide real, hands-on experience in Product Development, Testing and Quality Assurance. The intern will leave this program with a better understanding of Product Development and how to efficiently and effectively create products that exceed players’ expectations. Furthermore, the intern will get experience and exposure to the Quality Assurance process and how it ensures each product’s success and sustainability.  

  • Bat Testing
    • Batting cage (HitTrax enabled) testing and outdoor field testing of Axe bats and competitor bats
      • Testing includes, but is not limited to:
        • Barrel Performance
        • Sweet Spot size
        • Vibration
        • Durability
        • Balance
        • Handle Feel
  • Batting Cage Organization / Hitter Recruitment
    • Building connections in the greater-Seattle baseball and softball community to facilitate testing, performance studies, and feedback regarding new Axe Bat models
    • Manage batting cage and testing schedule – communicate with third-party hitters accordingly to organize testing times
    • Responsible for organization and repairs of the physical batting cage, creating a positive experience for incoming visitors 
  • Lab Testing
    • Assist in basic bat measurement processes performed on all prototype Axe Bat models
    • Assist in bat-specific testing processes using industry specialized equipment, including:
      • Bat barrel compression (commonly used in softball and NCAA baseball) testing
      • Bat cannon performance testing
      • Paint & Decal durability testing
  • Archive management and organization
    • Assist with logging, archiving, and general organization of all test and development bat samples
  • Inspection
    • Assist with inspection and testing of incoming product
  • Bat Market Analysis
    • Conglomerate online bat reviews and report on trends for both competitor bats and Axe bats
    • Conglomerate competitor models, reporting market-share summaries of key categories 
  • Product Management Assistance
    • Help gather product requirements for new products by conducting focus groups and bat hitting sessions with outside players


We'd love to see you have

  • Strong ability to complete tasks
  • Good collaborator and able to work in a team environment
  • Strict attention to detail with an ability to juggle several projects
  • High School or Collegiate baseball or softball level athlete (preferred)
  • Loves team sports, softball/baseball especially!