Home Builder/ Project Manager

Basic Job Responsibility: To project manage all aspects of Carolina Signature Homes (CSH) home building activity; especially customer service and communication, timeliness, quality and cost effectiveness, so that CSH achieves high levels of customer satisfaction and profitability.

  • Sales Participation. Participate in CSH construction sales process, assist President, Vice President of New Home Sales (VPNHS) and Sales as needed. Formal Quotation and pricing provided through VPNHS. Review Plans and maintain availability to meet with customers as coordinated through VPNHS.
  • Kickoff Start Package. Responsible for preparation of Kickoff/Start Package and distribution to Controller, Estimating and Purchasing Manager, New Home Coordinator and master files. Primary responsibility to ensure that all materials are correct and adequate to properly construct home; obtain all approvals (ARB, DHEC, City of Aiken and Aiken County permits) to enable start of construction; supervise field operations to ensure subcontractors receive proper and timely job schedule, plans & specifications, scope of work and price; and supervise Purchasing so that proper work is ordered and actual construction in the field commences according to customer expectations and contractual terms.
  • Scheduling. Prepare and maintain individual construction schedule for each home, updated weekly for review at weekly Operations meeting. Work with other Project managers in the global management of schedules, subcontractors and vendors. Anticipation and procurement of subcontractors and vendors to keep pace with schedule is critical.
  • Field Work Supervision. Oversee the supervision of all construction work in the field. Critically evaluate all subcontractor and material vendor performance. Make adjustments for issues and errors as they arise. Significant time must be spent in the field inspecting work, evaluating actual performance and talking to subcontractors and vendors at the home.
  • Permanent Record. Document and create permanent record of construction with drawing mark-ups, photos and other related as-built information.
  • Selections. Coordinate and oversee selections process with Aiken Design Center, Customer and other associated vendors. Evaluate selection pricing and allowance conformance and obtain customer approval sign off.
  • Customer Communication. Communicate with customers concerning progress with work (schedule), selections and design execution issues, quality concerns and changes requested during construction process. Photo document all work as it progresses.
  • Home Owner Inspections & Closing. Coordinate and participate in all homeowner inspections. Prepare punch-lists and assist in oversight of punch work.
  • Job Cost Control. Assist Project Manager, Controller and Estimating and Purchasing Manager to review Job Cost reports on monthly basis; review and approve invoices, if appropriate, relating to any variances. Approve all over- budget invoices. Final approval of all invoices, charge-backs and quality issues.
  • Change Orders. Evaluate change order requests, assist in scope of work and cost estimates obtain approval and sign offs on change orders.
  • Sub and Vendor Procurement. Actively solicit new suppliers, vendors and subcontractors to expand our resource depth and improve quality and competitiveness of pricing.
  • Warranty. Assist in the post-closing customer service needs.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • 4-year degree preferred but not required.
  • 2 years of successful residential construction experience.
  • Experienced in scheduling, ordering, field supervision, quality control, and production of all phases of residential construction.
  • Experienced in managing multiple projects simultaneously.