Specialized Behavioral Health Resource Parent Support Worker Supervisor (RPSS)

Job purpose

The SBH RPSS oversees all homes under SBH to ensure that they are up to code with PA Chapter 3700 and all resource parents are trained and supported in providing stability for children and youth.  The SBH Supervisor is responsible for the oversight and success of the Resource Home Program. The SBH supervisor acts as a liaison between the Agency and an array of contractors providing services to children and youth in care. 


Goals of Management

· To improve placement stability and well-being of SBH children and youth.

· Ongoing collaboration with community-based behavioral health service providers to ensure that SBH Resource Parents are using appropriate and effective parenting strategies to meet the unique needs of the child or youth in their home.

· Increase permanency for SBH children and youth.

· Decrease the use of higher level child welfare and behavioral health services for SBH children or youth, including group home, residential treatment, psychiatric residential treatment, and inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. 

Duties and responsibilities

· RPSS will supervise five Resource Parent Support Workers (RPSW), a maximum of 70 resource homes

· RPSS must complete 40 hours of training in the first year and 20 annually thereafter, focused on trauma and behavioral health

· RPSS will manage RPSW caseloads, performance and corrective action

· RPSS will provide and properly document one hour of weekly supervision with each RPSW

· RPSS will maintain ongoing communication and meetings with RPSWs to ensure all are properly notified of updates on child welfare regulations, child law amendments, etc.

· RPSS must ensure that case files are in accordance with the responsibilities and qualifications of the SBH Resource Parent (RP) program as per the agency, city and state regulations and prepare for audits

· RPSS will approve or disapprove new or existing resource parents who want to transition from Kinship to General/SBH certification

· RPSS will oversee the RPSW file review, clothing inventories, cases and casework to ensure that quality services are delivered in compliance with program’s timelines and clinical guidelines

· RPSS will assist with program development and ensure that positive inter-agency communication is maintained

· RPSS will review initial and bi-weekly face-to-face contacts between RPSW and RP to ensure adequate support and placement stability

· RPSS will review RP Individualized Crisis Response and Support Plans  

· RPSS will ensure RPSW compliance with sharing information with the Department of Human Services (DHS) and Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA) and incorporation into Single Case Plan (SCCP) and Individual Case Plan (ICP)

· RPSS will ensure that RP is in compliance with medication administration documentation for content and timeliness and provide feedback and development focused corrective action focused on RP development, if necessary

· Coordinate with CUA and RP to ensure all transportation and services are scheduled appropriately

· RPSS will assist with the development and implementation of strategies that resolve issues or challenges that could ultimately jeopardize placement stability or well-being

· RPSS will serve as escalation for issues between RPSW, CUA and RP

· RPSS will ensure that RPs receive initial and quarterly home inspections and remain in compliance with PA Chapter 3700

· RPSS will be on-call to handle emergencies that may arise

· RPSS will serve as proxy for RPSW, in their absence

· RPSS will participate in recruitment efforts and presentations in the community on behalf of the program, during business, after hours, and weekends and answer individual’s inquiries about how to become a RP, without discrimination

· RPSS will participate in supervisory meetings with Director and maintain ongoing communication to ensure, emergencies, critical incidents, concerns, etc., are addressed, in a timely manner and immediately

· RPSS will attend meetings as requested and required by the Agency, County and State.

· Other duties as assigned to support the mission of Pradera



· Minimum two years of clinical work experience

· Minimum of three years of experience providing services to children, youth and families in a behavioral health setting

· Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or related field

· Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearances, Pennsylvania Criminal Record Clearance, Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), Medical Examination

· Preferably knowledge of Pa Chapter 3700 preferred

· Computer savvy, familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite

Working conditions

· Office

· Field/ Community

· Court, visitation, teamings, if invited

· On-call as required (rotating)