Shipping and Receiving Associate


Job duties are as determined by the Shipping / Receiving Supervisor and Shipping / Receiving Manager and will include (but are not limited to): 

o Product loading: will load the correct products in the right quantities onto trucks as indicated by the Bill of Lading;

o Unloading: will unload trucks from suppliers (ingredients, boxes, etc.);

o Must ensure that drivers follow all dock procedures and policies (as posted) and must follow these procedures whenever loading / unloading; 

o Will check quantities of supplies received against the invoice to ensure that the correct quantity was received; will report any problems to supervisor and Inventory Control;

o Must put date tags on each pallet of ingredients received according to established Quality Assurance requirements;

o Must be familiar with regular inventory levels of commonly used supplies and communicate on this with Inventory Control Manager and production management;

o Cold storage: will maintain proper storage and organization of palletized product;

o Stock rotation: must ensure that older product is always stored, loaded and shipped first;

o Paperwork: must be able to identify and read invoices, bills of lading, tags, receipts, etc. Will complete all required documentation accurately and legibly and must turn in all paperwork to the Quality Assurance Department within 24 hours;

o Will make occasional trips between plants to pick up or deliver supplies;

o Will order pallets as needed;

o Will maintain a clean and orderly cooler / freezer / dock area at all times; will utilize downtime effectively by cleaning and organizing; must empty garbage after each shift;

o Safety: must observe all Safe Practices and operate forklift with extreme caution;

o Quality: must comply with all company Good Manufacturing Practices;

o Security: must comply with and enforce all provisions of the plant Security Policy.


  • Minimum 1 year experience in Shipping & Receiving or related warehouse position
  • Prior forklift certification (we will re-certify)
  • Safe forklift operating record
  • Experience with clamp truck, pallet jack, and scissor lift a plus
  • Ability to perform basic computer entries with training
  • Excellent attendance
  • Physical demands:  
    • Ability to tolerate hot and cold temperatures (some time spent in cold storage)
    • Walking, standing, and sitting up to 8 hours per day
    • Repetitive hand and wrist motion
    • Frequent bending and twisting
    • Frequent lifting up to 50 pounds
    • Occasional lifting of up to 80 pounds
    • Some overhead reaching, lifting, stacking
    • Ability to stand up while using standing forklift
    • Ability to work at heights
  • Dress code: GMP's required in the plant. Hairnets, beard nets, and uniforms are worn. No watches, jewelry, piercings, false fingernails or nail polish permitted. No dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, or pants with holes. New slip-resistant footwear is required; purchase voucher provided .
  • Language skills: Requires the ability to understand and follow instructions and to communicate effectively one-on-one and in small groups
  • Teamwork and a positive attitude are essential in keeping with our culture of respect