Instructor of Chinese Language

McCallie is seeking a student-centered instructor of Chinese language to teach beginning and intermediate level Chinese language courses. McCallie seeks an individual who will embody McCallie’s ideals and engage in the overall McCallie community and mission.

This is a ten month, full-time position. It is considered exempt and eligible for full benefits.

The ideal applicant will:

  • have a passion for Chinese language and culture;
  • have relevant experience and ability to teach Chinese at all levels;
  • support and engage with McCallie’s Chinese students and families;
  • engage and be involved in the McCallie community and mission beyond the classroom, including assuming other duties in the life of the school that are commensurate with the applicant’s gifts and talents;
  • have a deep understanding of McCallie’s mission - including both its commitment to character development and the ideals of honor, truth, and duty and its Christian foundation and Judeo-Christian heritage - and have a desire to live out and serve that mission for the good of McCallie boys.


To be considered for this position an applicant must:

  • have a bachelor’s degree;
  • have education or experience relevant to teaching Chinese; and
  • demonstrate an understanding and support of McCallie’s mission and institutional commitments.

Additional qualifications or characteristics desired, but not required, include experience relevant to teaching, coaching another sport, or serving in another program area.

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