Full-Time Site Manager

 The responsibilities of the field manager include hiring, training, and overseeing our LifeChoice Associates, supervising our workers on site, and directing operations in the field. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The essential functions include but are not limited to: 

  • Pray daily for the work of the Coalition for Life
  • Assist in recruitment of sidewalk staff and volunteers
  • Schedule sidewalk counselors at the Flossmoor location 
  • Ensure all staff and volunteers have any necessary supplies and equipment
  • Provide procedural and seasonal training programs to LifeChoice Associates
  • Maintaining all rules and responsibilities and ensuring LifeChoice Associates adhere to the rules.
  • Supervise Life Choice Associates and volunteer sidewalk counselors at the Flossmoor location 
  • Scheduling maintenance and repair for supplies and equipment that adheres to the budget.
  • Maintain all necessary sidewalk counseling supplies 
  • Assist with and support outreach and fundraising activities in the community
  • Report number of sidewalk encounters to Director of Client Outreach on a weekly basis
  • Maintain an active role in sidewalk counseling 
  • Build and maintain relationships with local client service locations and referral resources
  • Ensure necessary hospitality for local sidewalk counseling staff and volunteers (ie. access to restrooms, weather appropriate gear, complimentary beverages)
  • Bachelor's degree or previous work experience  in business, management, administration, or a related field.
  • Excellent team management, organizational, time management, and leadership skills
Salary Description
Up to $47,000.00 annually