Regional Director


Job description

Reports To: VP of Community Management 

Department: Community Association Management

Exemption Status: Exempt/Salary $75,000-$80,000


  • This position is directly responsible for creating solid Board of Director (BOD) relationships so that long term relationships are developed, and the Board Members highly recommend Hammersmith® services to other communities. This position also assists in procuring new clients, maximizing participation in Hammersmith® Programs as client resources. Additionally, supervision and oversight of the operational, administrative and financial coordination and success of the Manager team encouraging a positive Corporate Culture.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Solid Board of Director relationship
  • Contact Boards on a quarterly basis or more often as necessary, using the Hammersmith® standard to:
  • -Attend Board meetings as necessary
  • -Meet BOD members outside of Board Meetings for performance review.
  • -Establish current level of client satisfaction.
  • -Determine if BOD would recommend Hammersmith® services to others
  • -Determine what tools/resources a BOD requires and help in the implementation and use of the internal resources/services.
  • -If it is determined a BOD is dissatisfied, make continuous, on-going contact with them to resolve issues
  • -Engage and involve other department heads as necessary to resolve any service concerns or improve processes
  • -Encourage Board education and participation in educational opportunities provide by the company, CAI or other industry experts
  • -Build consistency in establishing Hammersmith® processes and procedures
  • -Managing expectations of the BOD
  • -Educating the BOD about company systems.
  • -Educating the Managers
  • -Work with Managers to ensure work product is consistent.
  • -Minutes
  • -BOD packets
  • -Action Item lists
  • -Follow-up within 2-3 weeks
  • -Be available for direct reports and other Managers as needed.
  • -Client Acquisition
  • -Make presentations to new and existing clients.
  • -Follow-up with BOD after proposals and presentations are delivered.
  • -Maintain a strong presence in the community.
  • -Take incoming calls from prospective clients, current clients, homeowners, etc.
  • -Understand the availability of managers.
  • -Determine what’s in the pipeline.
  • -Identify resources that are needed.
  • -Maximize Participation in Hammersmith® Programs
  • -Must fully understand the programs and their benefits.
  • -Must have the knowledge and ability to teach and educate about Hammersmith® Programs.
  • -Create excitement about the programs available.
  • -Communicate Hammersmith® programs to BODs.
  • -Enlist/include the support of “Program-Experts” support in communicating Hammersmith® programs.
  • -Continuously improve/develop programs.
  • -Provide constant feedback to business partners.
  • -Address and resolve any issues/concerns related to Hammersmith® programs.
  • -Operational, administrative and financial coordination and success of your Manager team
  • -Responsible for the effectiveness of your team’s activities.
  • -Responsible for the renewal contract process for each client including generating and presenting it, receiving, reviewing and -approving contract renewal forms from Managers and making sure all contracts are signed and placed in Hammersmith® -designated contract files.
  • -Work with department heads as it relates to:
  • -Evaluation/observation of employees within the office.
  • -Appearance.
  • -Budget development and achievement.
  • -Space constraints.
  • -Technical needs.
  • -Maintain sound relationships with vendors, and other business partenrs, etc.
  • -Return calls.
  • -Identify vendor concerns.

-Corporate Culture

  • -Educate new and existing direct reports and other employees as it relates to what our Mission Statement, Core Values and Our -Shared Commitment Statement represent, understanding that these are the cornerstones of our company and that our Corporate Culture is the “way we do business.”
  • -Be a good steward of the company culture, and lead by example.
  • Address issues as they arise.
  • -Must possess personal values that are in alignment with those of the company: Excellence, Partnership, Professionalism, Integrity and Life Balance.
  • -Coordinate and lead team building exercises/programs.
  • -Continuously promote and use to resolve issues.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • -Provides guidance to the Community Association Managers and other Community Association staff.
  • -Ensure that staff members are in compliance with all company policies per the Hammersmith® Employee Handbook.
  • -Coach and mentor staff to achieve performance goals.
  • -Provide recruiting requests to Human Resources for available positions within the department; interview and hire employees.
  • -Train and develop staff.
  • -Provide timely one-on-ones with staff.
  • -Monitor and report on staffing needs within the department.
  • -Review employee timesheets/punches for accuracy.
  • -Handle disciplinary issues with support staff.
  • -Create employee action plans as needed.

All of the above duties, otherwise assigned duties, and supervision of other licensed CAMs and staff members as related to -Colorado CAM licensing are hereby delegated to the employee.


Education and Experience:

  • Associate's degree (A. A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school or a minimum of 2 years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Minimum one year of experience in supervising direct reports.
  • Minimum five years of experience in HOA portfolio management and hold the CMCA® (Certified Manager of Community Associations) and AMS® (Association Management Specialist) designations.


Full time Hammersmith® employees are offered a full range of benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability Insurance, HSA and FSA participation, comprehensive 401(k) plan, sick and vacation time, volunteer day of service, and much more!

Hammersmith® is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Type: Full-time