Axe Bat - Research & Development Technician
Kent, WA Product Development
Job Type


The Research & Development Technician will be a member of the Axe Bat product development team, supporting the entirety of the product team through execution and management of bat-specific lab testing, field testing, and quality management systems.  The position will assist in efficiently and effectively testing products ensuring they meet all of Axe Bat's rigorous standards.



I. Job Requirements:

  • Good collaborator and able to work in a team environment
  • Process oriented, and ability to follow standardized lab protocols
  • Strict attention to detail with an ability to juggle several projects
  • Passion for working in a highly technical laboratory environment 
  • Proficient in standard business computer applications (Excel, Word, Outlook etc.)
  • High School or Collegiate Baseball or Softball athlete preferred, but not required

II. Essential Job Functions (Responsibilities):

  • Lab Testing
    • Assist in both basic and complex bat measurement processes performed on all prototype Axe Bat models, using industry specialized equipment.
    • Follow industry standardized lab processes, and innovate/improve lab procedures to improve accuracy or efficiency
    • Assist in upkeep and calibration of all lab equipment
    • Manage organization, logging, and archiving of all prototype bats and balls
  • Field Testing
    • Personal batting cage (HitTrax enabled) testing and outdoor field testing of Axe Bat prototypes and competitor models
    • Build connections in the greater-Seattle baseball and softball community to facilitate testing, performance studies, and feedback regarding new Axe Bat models
    • Manage batting cage and testing schedule – communicate with third-party hitters and organizations
    • Conglomerate testing data to create bat performance and durability reports
    • Systematically log all data and reports
  • Quality Management
    • Communicate with operations team to coordinate physical inspection of all inbound products
    • Manage and complete lab inspection of incoming product per Axe Bat’s quality management system
    • Analyze and report on customer return data on a weekly basis