VITA Tax Services Manager
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Branches is on a mission to educate and inspire people through student, family, and financial wellness services in partnership with our communities. 

We believe in meeting the needs of the next generation by addressing both the parent and the child simultaneously in our 2-Gen approach that supports a family’s wellbeing, ensuring that each family member is supported in reaching their full potential. Our holistic approach builds long term, ongoing relationships with local communities to leverage and promote collective impact for the families we serve. 


This position will provide management and leadership to existing and emerging VITA services of Branches, the Miami-Dade VITA Coalition and Florida Tax coalition. Taking a key role in the community, the VITA Tax Services Manager will represent the reputation and mission of Branches to the staff, partners, stakeholders, and the general public. This position will ensure the VITA program delivers effective service while also working to expand the geographic footprint of the Florida Tax Pros/Miami-Dade VITA Coalition. Providing support for Florida Tax Pros and VITA coalition partners and their supervisors in achieving the programmatic goals will be an important component for success.


1. Program Operations 

  • Assist supervisors to ensure effective performance of the VITA program and VITA grant for Branches and the Coalition
  • Assist supervisors to oversee the IRS VITA grant, including the annual application and reporting process
  • Ensure the Coalition is meeting the goals and targets for the program aligning with Branches organizational goals and grants 
  • Identify program needs and inform supervisor of the processes that need updating, revision and/ or improvement 
  • Reinforce, communicate policies and procedures of the program operations and standards to the partners, team and all stakeholders
  • Assist supervisors to oversee and lead day to day program operations ensuring smooth transactions for team and filers for Coalition
  • Responsible for implementing and leading programmatic changes to maintain program deliverables
  • Collaborate with senior leadership to develop a strategy to create efficiencies and reach annual IRS and grant-related goals
  • Track goals, progress, and all other program developments
  • Assist supervisors to maintain clear and timely communication with the IRS grants office, IRS SPEC partners, Branches management and staff, and other key partners and stakeholders as appropriate
  • Plan and provide for operational and logistical needs throughout the Coalition, including securing sites, Virtual Tax Prep software, appointment booking software, space coordination, computer and other supplies, marketing materials, etc.
  • Collaborate with HR and supervisor to recruit, onboard, and oversee site coordinators funded by Branches and/or VITA grant(s)
  • Work with senior leadership team to plan and implement a kick-off event for VITA, coordinating representatives, media and advertisements, as well as a Volunteer Recognition Event
  • Coordinate and teach as needed: VITA/IRS Certification trainings, “Train the Trainers”, Site Coordinator trainings, Virtual Tax Prep Platform and Branches staff trainings
  • Track and complete VITA reports and statistics 
  • Participate in program conference calls and communications to stay abreast of developments throughout the tax season
  • Manage social media efforts on behalf of Branches VITA sites, Miami Tax Pros and Florida Tax Pros to raise awareness of the VITA program and services

2. Partner Management 

  • Develop partners (new and existing) and evaluate partner and/or Coalition needs
  • Lead the recruitment, enrollment, and engagement of volunteers and site coordinators for the Miami-Dade VITA Coalition
  • Coordinate annual volunteer recruitment and recognition events
  • Develop, implement and monitor the plan for outreach events and goals
  • Follow and enforce partnership management process and procedures
  • Identify trainings needed by taxpayers and community, schedule and coordinate trainings and trainers
  • Promote and evaluate performance of trainings and if the trainings meet the targets and goals

3. Branches Site Management

  • Follow the VITA Volunteer Standards of Conduct provided by the IRS and Branches 
  • Prepare tax returns both virtually and through scanned documents for taxpayers at Branches’ VITA sites as needed
  • Enforce Covid-19 protocol and procedures
  • Conduct site orientation for volunteers and necessary documentation as well as information about the program and their role
  • Identify and develop needs and roles for volunteers within the program in collaboration with the Associate Director of Financial Services
  • Work with Asset Building Manager to coordinate volunteer placement for VITA volunteers at Branches sites

Branches’ Way – Grow Deeper, Climb Higher

Worth— We believe each person has sacred value, is created in the image of God and has inherent self-worth. People matter and therefore are our priority.

Wonder— We dream and then co-create the future with students and families which means we do not wait for the future to just happen. 

Welcome— At Branches all people are welcomed, received and valued in contrast to the rejection and exclusion that people all too often experience in the world.

With — What we do is transformational and not transactional. We connect with people and build relationships as opposed to treating people like a number or a service unit. Together we become the Branches family.

Walk— While the destination is important, we recognize the journey is the essential part. The day-to-day work we do is like walking with people on the journey in which we all explore, discover and become renewed. 

Words– We create a positive, hopeful environment at Branches through the ways and the words we speak to others. Be our words fun, friendly, firm or whatever, we always affirm the other and speak with love. 


Project Coordinators’ work is typically done at a desk, cubicle, or other office style environment. However, in light of COVID-19, coordinators will be permitted to telework. Minimal walking, carrying of files, and lifting of light equipment (e.g. laptop) is required, and will vary slightly due to site location. Some coordinators may be asked to perform their regular duties at temporary locations or partner sites during the project. Hours vary by site location and participant demand and may change during the project. 


We follow Federal Law requirements to provide reasonable accommodation to applicants, candidates, and employees who qualify. Please tell us if you require reasonable accommodation to perform any of the job functions of this position. 



Education and Experience

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree preferred, preferably in business, management, social services, or related fields
  • Must take and pass IRS VITA certifications including: Standards of Conduct, Intake /Interview & Quality Review exams, Site Coordinator Course, Advanced Certification Exam
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English necessary; Creole or Spanish speaking ability is desired
  • Experience and demonstrated success in serving at-risk and/or low-to-moderate income populations is desired
  • Experience and demonstrated success in working with local churches, schools, workforce offices and/or community groups and building collaborations is desired
  • Experienced and comfortable communicating one-on-one and with small groups of people on a variety of financial topics is preferred