Request for Proposals: Youth Engagement Consultant
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The National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) seeks a consultant to work with the staff and board to develop a blueprint for how the organization can better collaborate with young people to shape and guide our goals, strategies, and work. Possibilities include having young people serve on NCYL’s governing board, inviting youth to serve as guests on board committees, developing a youth advisory board, and/or developing a structure wherein youth advisors and board members can collaborate. We hope the consultant will also develop a project plan and timeline to guide implementation of the blueprint for youth engagement.

NCYL Background

For over 50 years, NCYL has amplified youth power, dismantled racism and other structural inequities, and built just policies, practices, and culture in support of young people. We work to achieve a world in which every child thrives and has a full and fair opportunity to achieve the future they envision for themselves. Our work advances justice through research, community collaboration, impact litigation, and policy advocacy that fundamentally transforms our nation's approach to education, health, immigration, foster care, and youth justice.

Some NCYL teams have youth advisory boards or similar structures specific to their work. One of the goals of this consultancy is to leverage those structures and the expertise of staff supporting youth engagement.

Scope of Work

NCYL seeks a consultant to develop the following:

1.  A blueprint for how the organization can better collaborate with young people to shape and guide the goals, strategies, and work of the organization. The plan should include:

  • Recommendations for an organizational structure, whether that be having young people serve on NCYL’s governing board, developing a young person advisory board, or developing interlocking boards (hybrid) that foster meaningful youth engagement.
  • Recommendations regarding youth to be engaged, including: ideal number of young people to include, demographics, age ranges, lived experiences, roles and term limits. NCYL works extensively with young people in the foster care system, young people impacted by the juvenile justice system, young people who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation, young people detained in immigration facilities, young people directly impacted by structural racism in schools and other systems and youth who have experienced more than one of these systems  or circumstances.
  • Processes for identifying, recruiting, selecting and preparing young people to partner with NCYL along with a retention strategy.
  • The types of issues to bring to the young people for discussion and feedback, such that their expertise is maximized and the organization benefits from their engagement.
  • The types of training,  preparation, and support needed for NCYL’s board and NCYL staff who will be interacting with these young people.
  • The types of training, preparation, and support NCYL should provide the young people, either directly or through contractors.
  • How to support the young people so they feel valued and benefit from the experience personally and professionally, and such that NCYL is responsive to the issues and life circumstances that may emerge during their term. This includes the staffing and resources NCYL will need to commit to make this successful, and the boundaries NCYL should set to maintain professional relationships.
  • At what level and through which mechanisms the young people should be compensated.
  • How this new organizational engagement with young people will help support, and be supported by, team-level youth engagement.
  • A suggested feedback mechanism to ensure youth are being asked how the process of engaging with NCYL is working on not working for them and what can be improved or changed.

2.  An operations plan and timeline for implementing the blueprint.


The blueprint and plan should be completed by May 1st, 2022 in time for NCYL’s spring Board meeting.


Consultants participating in the RFP process must meet the following minimum qualifications to be considered:

  1. Be well versed in youth engagement, issues facing system-impacted young people, racial justice, the principles of positive youth development, and youth advisory boards. 
  2. Have a minimum of 5 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations.
  3. Have no personal or organizational conflicts of interest.

Proposal Requirements

The following information, forms and documents are to be submitted with the proposal:

  1. An introductory letter indicating the organization’s/consultant’s interest in offering these services to NCYL. The letter should include the consultant’s firm name, authorized contact person, physical and email address, and telephone number.
  2. Description of consultant’s experience, including experience working with nonprofit organizations. 
  3. Description of consultant’s knowledge of and experience with youth advisory boards and/or system-impacted young people.
  4. References from 3 nonprofit organizations with whom you have worked including organization’s name, physical address, contact person, contact person’s name, email and telephone number and a 2-3 sentence description of the nature of the relationship.
  5. A proposal that describes the consultant’s approach and plans for accomplishing the work outlined in the scope of work. The plan should include how the consultant will gather information and feedback from young people, other organizations with youth advisory boards or youth serving on their board, the NCYL board, and NCYL staff with expertise in this area. 
  6. Proposed Time Commitment (number of hours) and Cost.

Total materials submitted should not exceed five pages.

Proposal Submission

Questions regarding the RFP may be sent to NCYL Executive Director Jesse Hahnel at 

Proposals must be submitted by February 15, 2022, using the "Apply" button below.

Proposals sent via email will not be considered.