Director of Business Development
New York, NY Sales

We are a growing, successful business that manufactures products of extraordinary quality for the high-net-worth luxury market. Do you have the requisite skills and the passion to cultivate powerful connections and reap the rewards?

You’ve already delivered an enviable track record of successful business results based on leveraging your talent for building a network. Interpersonal skills come easily. When you walk into a room, the energy seems to flow in your direction. Almost like a magnet, you command attention, without effort. You see the value new friends offer as potential referral sources and strangers are really friends you’ve not yet met. You’ve learned how and where to allocate your time and energy to deliver the maximum return on your efforts.

Lately you’ve been feeling limited in your current environment. Perhaps you feel held back because you need to represent the level of quality in products and service that you can naturally reflect. It is time to join a team that more closely aligns with your values and aesthetic.

You enjoy helping others when it makes sense to do it, because it just makes you feel better. At McKinnon and Harris, you can be part of a high functioning team that supports each other to produce, represent, and deliver world class products with an exceptional focus on quality.

This is the opportunity you’ve been seeking, where your exceptional talent will be recognized and your efforts will be truly rewarded. Join a team that makes a difference in an exclusive market. It’s where you belong.


Planning and Administration - Develop and execute a detailed action plan to maximize revenue in your territory. Achieve weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets. Take ownership of your book of business following the McKinnon and Harris sales process.

Prospecting - Strategically qualify prospects and implement a plan to exceed monthly opportunity generation targets. Uncover new opportunities through cold calls, in-person and virtual meetings, networking events.

Communication/Relationship Management - Serve as an informed consultant to deliver McKinnon and Harris solutions with confidence. Communicate with our discerning clientele with confidence and ease throughout the sales process. Collaborate with your colleagues to ensure we provide clients with exceptional customer service.

Closing Sales - Use effective closing techniques to win sales and exceed sales targets. Advise clients appropriately so that they can sell M&H confidently to the end user.

  • Develop action plans to identify new clients and develop strategies to build on existing business. Then execute a strategy to achieve weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets. Design an approach that maximizes revenue in your territory.
  • Organize and plan productive travel to visit clients, prospects and attend events.
  • Maintain and review Salesforce data to assess progress versus goals and to keep a clean and up to date book of business
  • Take ownership for analyzing and updating your book of business/cookbook check-in daily following the McKinnon and Harris sales process.
  • Create accurate quotes based on customer specifications
  • Develop and qualify new and existing prospects.
  • Network with clients and like-minded industry peers and explore non-traditional business development approaches.
  • Exceed monthly face-to-face meeting targets.
  • Follow your pre-call plan to tease out pain points through strategic questioning and active listening.
  • Proactively and confidently cold call prospects
  • Exceed monthly opportunity generation target.
  • Ask for referrals.
  • Serve as an informed consultant to prospective buyers, keeping current on changes in the marketplace
  • Deliver McKinnon and Harris solutions with confidence
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to ensure we provide clients with exceptional customer service.
  • Ensure challenges are resolved professionally
  • Develop deep lasting relationships with your clients to grow revenue.
  • Be a team player: have a we not me mindset.
  • Communicate with our discerning clientele with confidence and ease.
  • Follow up with a post-sale check in - How did everything go with your latest order?
  • Stay up to date on trends in interior design (stay current and understand what people are looking for as it changes from region to region)
  • Manage the opportunity timeline to convert opportunities into sales.
  • Meet or exceed annual sales targets, growing both the quantity of orders generated and the size of each order year over year.
  • Confidently knowing when it is time to ask for the sale
  • Involve the end-user when possible to shorten sales cycle.
  • As a trusted advisor, help the clients sell the M&H solution that best meets their clients' needs.
  • Be comfortable with a "no."