Micro-Business Coach
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Branches is on a mission to educate and inspire people through student, family, and financial wellness services in partnership with our communities. 

We believe in meeting the needs of the next generation by addressing both the parent and the child simultaneously in our 2-Gen approach that supports a family’s wellbeing, ensuring that each family member is supported in reaching their full potential. Our holistic approach builds long term, ongoing relationships with local communities to leverage and promote collective impact for the families we serve. 


The Micro-Business program serves and elevates participants who have expressed a keen desire to own and operate their own business or, have challenges operating their business. Through the program, new, budding, and active micro-business owners can access and benefit from technical, financial, and business-related facilities including monetary grants, tools, techniques, and training. These facilities are designed to solve challenging issues as well as, promote access to business related concerns.


Through the Micro-Business program, participants can enjoy access to membership in a Micro-Business Incubator (MBI). The MBI is the program’s entrepreneurial support mechanism and was created specifically to facilitate training and other developmental opportunities including the provision of monetary grants aimed at building and improving entrepreneurial skills, competencies, and resourcing for new, budding, and active micro-businesses. 

Participants can therefore, expect to enjoy levels of strategic support through mechanisms such as, one-on-one coaching, access to personal consulting, training seminars, and business workshops, conferences, B2B cluster activities, and graduation expos all delivered in blended environments harnessing the opportunities in virtual platforms and/or in-person activities. 


The Micro-Business Coach will be responsible for the day to day running and operational effectiveness of the MBI. Key responsibilities will include but will not be limited to the following:

  • Networking and or working with staff from other departments as well as contacts from partner institutions.
  • Researching, cold calling and visiting potential participant businesses.
  • Onboarding of participants into the MBI.
  • Planning and managing events as well as scheduling training for participants. 
  • Tracking participant business plans and progress throughout their journey within the MBI and creating progress and challenge reports as and when required or within schedule.
  • One to one coaching with participants to determine needs, offer advice, assist with planning and/or arranging support using available resources towards the participants needs.
  • Conduct site visits to participant businesses
  • Hosting and/or conducting meetings and training sessions.
  • Participating in company-wide training, meetings, and events as and when required
  • Presenting or instructing at events designed to promote the MBI and its benefits to the company, staff, partner institutions, participants and the wider community when required. 
  • Assist in designing and leading outreach activities to promote opportunities for technical assistance and developing new network opportunities.
  • Monitor and report on participant satisfaction and ensure frequent follow-up to ensure participants long-term success and to reduce attrition.
  • Assist in designing, organizing, and facilitating events that seek to identify and establish new connections with potential trainers, partners, sponsors, vendors, participants, and former Branches graduates.
  • Assist in cultivating and maintaining fruitful and positive relationships with program partners, volunteers, participants, and general community
  • Assist in developing, managing, and maintaining a volunteer program specifically for the MBI.
  • Represent the interests of the MBI at meeting and events internal and external to the company as and when required. 

Branches’ WayGrow Deeper, Climb Higher

Worth— We believe each person has sacred value, is created in the image of God and has inherent self-worth. People matter and therefore are our priority.

Wonder— We dream and then co-create the future with students and families which means we do not wait for the future to just happen. 

Welcome— At Branches all people are welcomed, received and valued in contrast to the rejection and exclusion that people all too often experience in the world.

With — What we do is transformational and not transactional. We connect with people and build relationships as opposed to treating people like a number or a service unit. Together we become the Branches family.

Walk— While the destination is important, we recognize the journey is the essential part. The day-to-day work we do is like walking with people on the journey in which we all explore, discover and become renewed. 

Words– We create a positive, hopeful environment at Branches through the ways and the words we speak to others. Be our words fun, friendly, firm or whatever, we always affirm the other and speak with love. 


The service is normally performed in regular office conditions. Evening and some weekend service might be needed. Site visits and some meetings are conducted in various parts of Miami-Dade County with some events taking place in other locations across Miami-Dade. Reliable transportation is needed. Additionally, considering the current pandemic (COVID-19), this position may require hybrid and/ or virtual connections.


We follow Federal Law requirements to provide reasonable accommodation to applicants, candidates, and employees who qualify. Please tell us if you require reasonable accommodation to perform any of the job functions of this position. 


As a full-time member of Branches, staff are eligible for the following benefits: affordable medical, dental, vision and short-term disability insurance, 15 paid holidays per year, vacation, and sick/personal time off, and 6% retirement matching with the 403 (B) plan. 


*Candidate must be authorized to work in the United States. We do not sponsor employment visas. *

Education and Experience

• Bachelor’s degree in a Business-related field such as Business Administration, Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Finance etc., and or 

• Prior Ownership/Management of a business for a minimum of at least 3 years plus a 2 yr. Associates Degree in a Business-related field and or, 

• Business Consulting Training and Experience of at least 2 yrs. plus a minimum of a 2 yr. Associate Degree in a Business-related field.

• Intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Office.

• Multi-lingual/bi-lingual (English and/or Spanish, Haitian Creole) is a plus. 

Salary Description
Salary Range: $42,000 - $45,000 annually